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  1. Playstation showcase and Opening Day of the NFL. It's going to be a great day.
  2. Willy's wonderland. Nicolas Cage is determined to win Raspberry award for worst actor next year. I haven't laugh so hard in a long time.
  3. Here we can chat about anything video game related. What video game are you playing? I'm currently playing marvel avengers. It's part of Playstation plus until July. Amazing game. I wish it was the ps5 venison but the game looks great on ps5.
  4. I'm really into music so I use tidal. I pay 26.00 dollars for month for master quality music. I love music at it's best form. 96 kHz / 24 bit.
  5. Outbreak at my dads job and everyone got it. I tested positive for Covid-19 Nov 23rd. My kids tested negative while I received my results. Rapid testing , you receive results within 1 hour. My ex-wife picked them up kids right away . My ex and kids tested twice after and negative results. I'm so grateful my kids escaped just in time. I tested negative after 2 weeks. My mother had no symptoms but was testing positive. She finally tested negative last week. For some people it can take 30 days for virus to clear the system. Next week I can't wait to give my kids their Christmas gifts.
  6. I was deep thinking willy wonka and the chocolate factory. The whole point of the movie is Willy Wonka longing for a family IMO. Oompa Loompas spoke a different language and Mr. Slugworth was a business associate. When he met Charlie Bucket and Grandpa Joe he got everything he ever wanted. The climax of the movie was when Grandpa Joe stood up to Willy Wonka and told him what he was doing was wrong. Especially to a little kid that admired him.
  7. I think it's amazing that horses can swim up to 7 miles.
  8. That's awesome. Before gyms reopen I was hiking and running uphills around sunrise. I wanted to lift weights to help prepare my body for long distance running. It will have to wait. Besides I think 2021 LA marathon will be cancelled.
  9. Cancelled my gym membership. I don't feel motivated working out while wearing mask at the gym. I will wait until Covid is cured.
  10. Based on information provided. He doesn't like you. He likes what you can provide for him. Sex & money.
  11. 11 months Post op.. March 8th, 2020. I finished 29 mile challenge. I ran LA Big 5 5k and finished Los Angeles Marathon.
  12. Why are you upset at the personal trainer? If it wasn't him. It would be another guy. He liberated you from a woman that truly doesn't love you anymore.
  13. How is he ready for marriage and kids? He doesn't have settle income and still in school. He isn't ready for anything serious.
  14. Please keep your options open and talk to other men. As single woman. Sounds like this guy isn't ready to date. I think you can do better. Good luck.
  15. I had to cancel date for Friday. I'm the only one engaging and asking questions. The date would be a disaster LOL. #forever alone
  16. I put a lot of time and effort into travelling to visit him. That's a very selfish response. Relationships are partnerships. No I in the word Team.
  17. When people are upset. You need to give somebody time to breathe and get over it. You can't expect him to want to see you after making him look bad. These type of relationship issues can either break or make the relationship stronger. I say. Take the time off from work and enjoy it. We all need breaks to think. Good luck to you.
  18. Watching the Netflix show sex education. When I was in high school. I would have thought chlamydia was airborne disease too!
  19. dolittle It wasn't really good. I thought John Cena and Kumail Nanjiani had good movie chemisty together. Hopefully they work together in another project.
  20. Fiancee is being unrealistic and he knows it too. He is going to be a father again and just venting out. Also how does he has freedom when is a father of two? lol He has 2 kids already so when the baby is born is has that experience. Most important is for the baby to be born healthy. I think once the baby is born. fiancee will bond with baby and things hopefully fall in place. Good luck to your family!
  21. I miss the days before the internet was popular. Talking on the phone for hours was a nice form of communication and getting to know somebody. In 2020. In person deep conversation is the key to really getting to know somebody. Real life)) App
  22. Have confidence in yourself and the relationship. What happen in her past doesn't matter anymore. Just focus in the relationship and trust her. You can't be in a relationship with somebody you don't trust. Good luck.
  23. Francesca Hayward. She played Victoria in the movie Cats. Very Beautiful and we share similar names lol.
  24. You become the most senior person in your department.
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