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  1. Every time you go away on a army trip and inform me I wonder why you still inform me is it because you worry you'll be killed and worry about how I'd feel? Is it your way of saying, I still love you in your small way without saying so or validating me?This is two times in a month you've told me this info last was on vday. I'm the only one who doesn't want you in the military, I am sure you impress the newbies with it. If you really wanted to serve you'd gone regular army right.
  2. Julie & Julia by Julie Powell ( I saw the movie awhile back decided to get the book for a spring read)
  3. My roommates mom gave us LOTS of books she was clearing out so I picked a few - one being ... Bastard Out Of Carolina by Dorothy Allison ( it sounds a bit depressing but when depressed I seek that out)
  4. Haha you told truth without realizing it. Not doing something is admitting regardless. You coward!
  5. The truth please, what you and other men don't realize is you should tell the truth about things, especially big issues because when you lie and we find out which we will always find out because someone or several someones knows your truth and are happy to rat you out on it. Least with the truth we can still respect you and trust you, somewhat when you lie you hurt us and we can no longer respect or trust you. It imo is so much worse to lie, it is cowardice.
  6. Hm very odd. I don't believe you at all. I know you think I am nice so that makes me gullible and I take things for how they appear but you don't know how I think and see things... I see what doesn't add up very clearly. My 2 and 2 doesn't equal what you offered. I was polite and didn't let on but now the wheels are turning. I hate not knowing for certain. Gah why can't some people ever be honest. I always feel it is a case of the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree scenario which you always denied and got pissy about whenever even suggested makes me think the pissyness was because you knew I saw it same as you saw it in yourself. Hope not, you should want more for whatever family you decide to have and should want to be the dad you didn't have. Even as hurt as I am I always championed for that for you.
  7. I was recently given two books as presents - Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?( and other concerns) by Mindy Kaling and Bossypants by Tina Fey.
  8. My dad still loves you lol. Wants us to work it out, damnit there is my dream I had a while back right there ... that I wrote about on here before. I think it bothers me my dad is still a champion for you when you hurt me this last time.. but I guess your sister is on my side so it evens out. Guess we get to disappoint each other and our families all in one. WTG us.
  9. I think we finally need to have a face to face this is ridiculous especially before your sisters bday party. Her and I are long time friends and she invited me so rather get the awkwardness out of the way now, then during. And hope you don't bring your f buddy with you.
  10. Mostly fiction but I like a few non-fiction books as well auto-bios of people I find interesting. I prefer the escapism of fiction.
  11. I am still not having sex with anyone else... never even kissed anyone else because I still feel like it betrays my feelings for you which logically is ridiculous because you are getting enough for us both right now. I'm not like you, quick fcking and rebounding to push away past feelings. I was getting okay with it because I bought your lie of met someone you like and want to date so I figured was about 30 and settling down, but all lies. We could have been married at 25 for you if you wanted to settle down maybe this is good I see my what my future would have been if married 5 yrs ago and you doing this now. I think you are your dad.. one day you'll admit to yourself, even your sister sees it.
  12. I'm not brave enough to travel alone I get nervous in places I have never been before and I do not like flying alone..I worry too much I need a seat companion I know to comfort me. I have a friend who is currently traveling all over the world...has been for a few months. They love it each new place they make new friends and have taken lots of great pictures to share with friends and family.
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