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  1. I'm feeling particularly lethargic today, which is annoying me because I don't feel like doing anything productive.
  2. ^^^ Ugh. Sorry to hear that, Mhowe. I had a red quinoa/bulghar blend, with half of a sweet potato and avocado.
  3. Man, this guy at work was so freaking rude to me tonight. I still can't stop replaying it in my head. I really, really hate being a bartender sometimes. Basically, he was mad because I wouldn't hook him up with extra alcohol in his drink, so he began insulting my competence and implied that I am not a bartender at some high-end place because I'm not skilled enough. (I've worked at other bars, and have had many compliments on my skills from customers. In fact, I have been told by management on numerous occasions that I am the best bartender at my bar.) It just made me so mad. Also, I know that I didn't short-pour him because I remember making his drink, and I generally don't short-pour people. And then he called me a name! I had to have my manager toss him out. Sigh. I can't wait until I'm done with all my internships and I can quit working in the service industry. What makes it worse is that somehow I'm supposed to stand there and listen to condescension, or name-calling, or criticism, or downright rudeness, and not react. I'm just not zen enough for that. I think anyone would react if a person was questioning their competence. Grrr, I HATE the service industry.
  4. Last night I cooked dinner for my boyfriend and one of his friends, and afterward he came up to me in the kitchen and said, "I'll clean this up later", and then he actually did. At like 2 in the morning, he did all of the dishes.
  5. My parents made it to town safely, I managed to get Christmas day off, and I only have one gift left to buy.
  6. Does anyone else sort of not like audiobooks, because you can't skim or speed-read?
  7. People who lament how unfair their lives have been, never taking responsibility for themselves. I get it - you've been through hell. But when do you decide to stop making the actions of others your entire basis of living? When do you start living for yourself?
  8. I am so grateful for this relationship I'm in, and how much I've already learned from it about what I need out of a relationship. As soon as I really began to know this guy, and we were properly dating, it was just like "Ohhh. So this is how it's supposed to be." I don't know how I got so lucky to land this one, but I am really grateful for each and every day that I have with him.
  9. Well, if you want to stay with this guy, you're either going to have to take up fishing too, or you're going to have to take up some other hobby to fill your time so you aren't sitting around waiting for him to get home from the lake. There aren't any magic words you can say to make him come around to your way of thinking. You either accept him as he is, or you find someone you are more compatible with.
  10. I have time to meditate today, and to go for a run. Alone time. Good thing. Blackberries were 98 cents at the store. (!!) I'm going to a new restaurant tonight. Looking forward to trying the cocktails there, and a new dish.
  11. That meditation I did before work really improved my mood and focus.
  12. Didn't get a chance to post yesterday, on Thanksgiving. Grateful for the safety of my family and my friends. That I had a place to eat Thanksgiving dinner. A lucrative evening at work. Audiobooks. The first really chilly days of the year in South Texas.
  13. Aw, Liefde. I hope many more go that way for you. > I'm grateful for patches of blue in the sky, which has been generally overcast for days. What would be really great is if it cleared up altogether, so I could see some of the Leonids tomorrow morning, but I am not counting on it.
  14. I'm grateful that I have friends to spend Thanksgiving with.
  15. Maybe I ain't got no good advice for anybody right now. Better just keep my mouth shut.
  16. I watched The Sixth Sense for the first time. I actually really liked it! Anyone seen Crimson Peak? I was unsure if it would be any good or not.
  17. It's not my weekend to go out of town, for this one and the next. I always have to do a lot of maneuvering before I go out of town, and it's a bit stressful. It will be nice to relax and stay here for a couple of weekends.
  19. It's a beautiful day outside. Fall is coming. I have a group of friends who love me. The Bob Wills station on Pandora.
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