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  1. Heyanna, in all honesty, I would bet that if you stop calling him or texting him or whatever it is you do to keep in contact with him, he won't notice. Sure, it's more mature and responsible to see him in person and break it off like an adult, if you feel that that's what you want to do. Maybe you've got stuff you need to collect from his place, since he never visits you it's not like he's got a drawer full of clothes and a shelf full of toiletries to return. If you don't have anything to collect, and don't want to face him, then call him and do it that way. You have to keep the faith that you will find someone else. And if the next one is exhibiting the same behaviours, you'll spot it faster and won't hang on as long. Best of luck to you!
  2. Absolutely. And, IMO, you should move on, telling him when you break it off the exact reason why -- he's a momma's boy and you aren't going to compete with his mother nor are you going to ask him to choose between you two, you're removing yourself from the situation and freeing him up to live his life as he wants to. I especially like the part how he tells you you're immature when he's still clutching his Mommy's apron strings and runs whenever she snaps her fingers at him. From my perspective, you're not demanding anything. Or, the things that you ask for are being brushed off as unimportant. You're younger and don't understand his responsibilities... poor baby! What a freakin' cop out. Honey, I hate to break it to you, but you're not his girlfriend, you're his convenience. So long as you don't make any demands, you use your time, money and resources to keep this "relationship" going, he's happy as a clam because he doesn't have to do anything. What you describe is very similar to my first real relationship (that wasn't, since I did all the work to keep it going), and the red flag store is out of red flags on this one. Seriously, if it's so bad you're asking a bunch of random internet people whether or not you're justified in how you feel and what you're experiencing, he's also abusing you emotionally. Run, run like the wind. This is not someone you want to make a future with, have children with. The sooner you dump this loser, the sooner you can find someone who wants to be a partner to you. Yes, you've put in a whole year, but you shouldn't look at it as a "waste" of time, you should look at it as training, you've learned a lot about what kind of behaviours you will and will not put up with, don't waste any more thinking that he'll change or marriage will change him, it won't. You are young and you have your whole life ahead of you, which will only be frustrating and demotivating the longer you stick with this boat anchor around your neck.
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