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Is my vagina normal???


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Ok well first of all I'm only 13. But I've noticed my vagina kind of looks strange. It's perfectly healthy with no lumps or problems. Just the way it looks is like gross. I've seen some of my friends and theirs looks normal. Like mines all wrinkly and it looks worn out. It's also dry. I masturbate some but I've never have had sexual contact with someone so I don't understand why it's looks so awful and worn out. I'm just afraid if I ever have sex with a boy that he'll think it's gross looking. Just help! For goodness sakes I'm only 13!

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Are you talking about your vagina, or labia?


The labia (lips) will change quite a bit as you mature - some of your friends may not have theirs as developed as yours yet. They will grow, and different women have different "shapes" just like no two guys penises look exactly alike.


I wouldn't worry about it, hon. When you do get to the point you're interested in letting someone get "that" close to you, I doubt they'll be taking pictures!

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Oh well thank you and I'm like talking about the whole vagina including the lips and inside of it. I'm mean also I thought it was werid because mines like all wrinkly and stuff and that thing in the middle like that flapper thing, mines purple. I know I'm healthy and stuff but I just noticed it was all gross and worn out than others. I mean is that normal?

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Hi, welcome to Enotalone Vaginas / labias . . . they are all different. Colorations can be due to the differing skin tones - we all have varying skin tones! I am very pale skinned, and my private parts look sort of purple at times, because skin can be thin and the veins show through. . . that's just one example. Also, the skin is different in the vaginal area. I think it is supposed to have that 'wrinkly' type texture/look because you're still growing, for one thing! It's normal to 'obsess' on certain body parts, but also it's a better idea, to marvel at the amazing things your body can do (that is me, speaking like a true runner, haha)


Everything you described, sounds very normal.

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Avman...it was VERY nice of you to find this old thread and share it for this young lady. Thank you!


It's actually kinda scary when you've been around here as long as me and you actually remember specific posts from 6-7 years ago...


​I'm getting really, really old

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Actually, who could ever forget that thread, haha. One of the best threads ever, and I'm glad it was kept around for these kinds of posts.


It's scary being young and not knowing whether what you have is "okay" or "normal" or "gross." Unlike guys, we have ours tucked away and there are a lot of folds and creases and once you start looking closely, you can get freaked out. I sure could have used that thread when I was 13.


But we all go through this, LauraLashley, believe it or not. This fear that ours is funny or weird. And later down the line, we learn that guys like them however they come. In fact, there is no guy that will EVER pay as much close-up attention to yours as you are doing now. Even when he's close up! So nearly everyone wonders at 13, but just rest knowing that it will never matter to anyone you get close to.

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Well...this is only true because you girls don't give us very long to look at them...and we can tell when you think its "times up" so we're polite about it...and usually insist you girls then go and insist on "lights off." Otherwise, we'd probably look at them longer than we looked at our own when we first discovered them...and we still look a tthem and often. But that's ok - there's a reason why we have porn... Supply, meet Demand.


Focus not on your anatomy but rather on your psyche. Wait until you're darn well old enough to emotionally support a proper relaitonship - and then, find a boy who properly holds you in a coveted light - one who's generaly respectful and respectible. All else...you'll be fine.

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Well...this is only true because you girls don't give us very long to look at them...and we can tell when you think its "times up" so we're polite about it...and usually insist you girls then go and insist on "lights off." Otherwise, we'd probably look at them longer than we looked at our own when we first discovered them...and we still look a tthem and often. But that's ok - there's a reason why we have porn... Supply, meet Demand.


Nah, I think even given the chance, you guys aren't all that fussy and observant.

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you sound normal to me! you are still growing and things will be changing all over the place. honestly, my nipples have changed colors since being 13-14.


here's a link to an hour documentary about this issue and how lack of information is really making girls paranoid about what their vaginas should look like. link removed


forewarning, there are some graphic images of surgery, but it is really very informative.

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When I was your age, I thought mine was strange too, but then realized it is quite normal. I think that what you are experiencing is that your labia is changing because you are maturing. You may have hair that you didn't have a few years, ago, etc, and you are growing into a woman. I would not worry about what boys will think. I would wait to have sex when you are in love with a man when you are older who loves you and only you - they will not care what it looks like - but I am sure it looks NORMAL.

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That's what it is. You're 13 so your body is still developing. It still has more time to mature.


The color of the clitorus caught me off guard a bit but I guess you shouldn't get too alarmed about that either. It's either the way your vagina's naturally made or it's just going through a transition right now and may change at any other later time. If that's the case just give it some more time.

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LL, course I can't ayif your vagji-ji is normal, but just one thing I do want to say not just to you but to all females reading this. I'm a mature woman, worked for many years in caring and nursing and have seen lots of vagji-ji's.


Unfortunately, a lot of women have no idea how to clean their vjiji. I've heard many times "it's self-cleaning". SO-OR-RY, that is so wrong. As far back as the Kama Sutra was written, there were written instructions as to how to clean your rosebud. Believe you me, there are many really stinky ones about because a lot of women don't clean themselves properly.


You say you look dry and wrinkly and you are itchy - that doesn't sound right to me. I don't believe a woman should ever use soap down there. I used a special ph appropriate wash called Vagisil which is used on the outside only. There are others around namely Femfresh. I prefer baths to showers as I believe it is the best way for me to wash myself, not just the vjiji, but the toes and nails, etc. If you are looking dry, and itchy down there, wondering if you are using soap. I would definitely stop doing this if you are.


I've also seen vijiji's where women have put talcum powder down there - BIG NO-NO. As this thread isn't actually about smelly vijiji's I won't veer into this further unless asked about easy ways to take further care. On a more personal level, I've been told by every man I've been with, there haven't been that many, that I have the cleanest, sweetest-smelling they have have seen. Hope that isn't too personal.

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Ughhhh,,,I think I'm feeling nauseous.....looking at all those pics...


But anyway, I remember one night my vagina was itchy. Never had looked at it before...but it was really itchy for some reason...I was around13 or so, and that night I looked at it, and saw some skin hanging out of my outter lips...I thought I had rubbed something loose. I worried about that for years until my first boyfriend. I remember we were both around 17 and neither of us experienced. Finally when it got to that stage, I asked him if I looked 'normal' down there. He said he had only seen pictures, and that I looked normal. Relief. I had been sexually abused as a small child, and was afraid I might find penis's distastful, and when I saw his, and it was small and velvety, and I liked it , I thought ahhh, relief!!! lol


I still thought my vagina to be ugly...one inner lip larger than the other, and not knowing what 'others' looked like...until these pictures, and now I gotta say, "mine ain't half bad!!!!" lol


All I can say is...I'm glad they are hidden...usually. I also had an issue with my clit...as God forgot to give me one!!! lol We sure have a lot of issues!


13 is way to young to be thinking about those things....wait until you are having sex before you become paranoid...just kidding of course!!

56 years old, and still paranoid. SB...glad your men where so appreciative of your 'sweetness"!!! LOL

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SB, I always like your posts, but I'm gonna have to put in a few dissenting thoughts here.


I didn't read anywhere that the OP felt "itchy". So all the rest of her post is completely a subjective take about its appearance -- and the labia can look wrinkly, depending on variation. See the thread avman posted. Also, unless you become sexually aroused and lubricated, it can be anywhere from slightly moist to dry.


Of course, all women have their preferred method of cleansing and which products they use. But some of those other washes contain ingredients that might be irritating to some women and not others. There are lots of fragrances/perfumes in products like FemFresh, and those are notorious for causing allergic reactions. There are very mild soaps and hypoallergenic soaps which aren't necessarily worse than any of those products.


I would not rub ANY soap directly on the area. Nor are baths the best thing for the v (even if they're luxuriant and fun), because you're not washing dirt right off, but immersing yourself for a while in soap, suds, and dirt and if you did have any itch or yeast-type tendency, soaking the lady parts in water increases the possibility of that. I've spoken to innumerable doctors about this, and there is a consensus: warm water splashed around the labia is ENOUGH. The more products/chemicals/etc. you introduce to the area, the more chance for a reaction. If you soap your pubic hair (if you have pubic hair to soap) and/or the rest of your body with a mild soap and let some wash through the area with the shower, that's okay as long as you don't feel any irritation or dryness after that. I dilute an herbal soap and gently rinse it with water around the area (shower).


Smelly vajayjay's are not the result of poor external hygiene unless you haven't bathed in days. Smell arises from having some imbalance inside the vagina itself.


I've received my fair share of compliments from the opposite sex, and I didn't observe any routine more zealous than this.


But the bottom line is this: when I was 13, I was not using special preparations to clean myself there, or washes or soaps. I barely gave the area thought during a shower -- it was just another part of my body the water and soap was contacting. And I didn't have a smelly 13-year-old vajayjay. You don't need to do anything as a youngster hitting puberty to ensure your yonni smells Kama-Sutra ready.

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Glad to hear to you have a method of cleaning your yonni which is working for you. Sorry, when I re-read original post, it said that young lady's vajiji was dry (not itchy). My reference to soap is in response to that, and I still believe very strongly that soap shouldn't be used, but I'll be sticking with Vagisil because as I mentioned, it is of a correct ph level for the yonni. Soap most definitely I don't believe should ever be used anywahere near the area.



I personally don't use soap - I use Dove Soap Free Wash on the other parts of my body. Having through work had to clean women who have had stinky yonni's, I can tell you there are plenty out there - all ages too. Not sure what part of the world you live in, but I have lived in the tropics and sub-tropics, and especially in those regions, women can have issues with the yonni, needing an extra wash and airing. You will see women in Cambodian villages squatting at the river through the day giving a splash to the vagiji. Women ned not be sexual active to have issues with the vagiji - tight jeans, especially when worn constantly can also cause problems as can taking penicillin. I know that isn't what the original thread is about, but just thought I'd mention it.


As for doctors, especially GP's a lot of them really don't know as much you might think. We passed on some tips to the GP's who provide services to our clients. Namely, best treatment for removing the STENCH of a stinking thrush-filled vagiji (I've seen male carers and nurses gag and almost vomit with the smell)is oral treatment plus 1 drop from an eye-dropper of tea tree oil into a pint of warm water, and swab the area with cotton wool. When the area is spread, even when there is not obvious thrush, there can be white putrid-smelling muck found in creases around the yonni.


I clean the inside of my body out as I read detailed in the Kama Sutra. I'm certainly not worried about having bath water in my vagiji especially as I always make sure it empties (by placing each leg on the bath when I am drying myself) and make sure I dry the area properly. A lot of women assume that tampons are sterile when in fact, they are only surgically clean. Geez you've got me thinking now TOV, unless a penis had a sterile condom on it, all of them could pose potential threats too, but spose there are steps most of us would take reasonable steps to reduce infections.


Most uncircumcised men know that there is a way they need to clean themselves properly too, but the ones who don't can have a bad odor as well.


Hope you liked the Kama Sutra too. I've seen some beautifully illustrated copies. Some of it's a bit out-dated for my liking, but there's some timeless wisdom in there too.

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