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  1. And the just one is trying to avoid her...eeks
  2. If what you believe was actually followed, the online dating field would be drastically reduced.
  3. We're all impatient because we've spent far too much time on the wrong people and now we give the remaining people even less slack. You can't fool us into making the same mistake twice.
  4. ...When you're really interested in someone, do you text right back? Or do you text a couple days later? Girls are the same way with this. Any sign of weakness in your interest in them, they don't see the point in pursuing it.
  5. We will not pursue bottomless pits. And we do not assume that if we keep giving that eventually you'll give back. And we don't equate that all we gave before the sex, is worth you giving the sex itself... But that's what women wanted, right?
  6. You need to get that is it over, done, and it's never going to happen. Cut her out, delete her from facebook, don't look back.
  7. When someone dumps you and then acts wishy washy, the only thing you should do is cut them off 100% forever. Just cut it out!
  8. You debased their currency by putting a tangible number on it, which is another way of saying, you took all the guess work out of how much the boys needed to spend to see you naked. They were probably mad that their boys are off looking at naked bodies that aren't their own, and you were just adding to "the problem" by providing a supply, there's still a ton of vitrol out there about boyfriends and husbands looking at porn. We are in very turbulent times, I agree on this.
  9. Actaully, if you go back to her previous post before this one and reread it, your experinece makes a ton of sense. First, you weren't on the inside, so they were hard towards you. And second, they were women drunk on power - that's what they had, and they loved the expeirence. As boyish as they sound, their behavior is rather common amongst males after going out... I dare say they Are women, not girls, but only because as I get older I've come to realize our mental brain boxes stop chainging after about five or six. We may add things to adapt to our adult world, but hte forces at play under the carpet are the exact same issues we dealt with when we were on the playground - and we're no better at dealing with those issues now then we were back then. So they are women, like men, but what we both understand as being "immature." But then, true maturity is a very rare condition, most people don't have it. Oh, but it makes perfect sense. You cheated the system, can't you see? The system has that declared you as a woman CANNOT make your living by selling your body! To prove your worth, you have to do something "productive," or "respectable," or "clean." You went and did the obvious, you sold your body, and you LOVE Doing it! And you have experienced more power in your few hours than they have ever felt in their life... $5900 a month, $70,800 a year, and you started with no experience, no resume, no degrees, nothing but your body and your internal drive to do it? Rock on...
  10. Like a gear that perfectly meshes on one side, but then grinds on the other...when you wear, she says you're just not her type, and when she wears, she says she's just not good enough for you... Yeah, that's not worth having in your life!
  11. You know, this makes a ton of sense - been there, done that. It's hard to break the addiction once they go.
  12. I lost a brother a few years back to tragic circumstances, and the last time I saw my dad I'm finally seeing him return to his usual self - or I caught him on a good day! The struggle to find a quality companion is an ongoing gruel for many of us, it's life. Don't let it get you down - you're still that woman you were 5, 10 years ago, you're just less of that girl you also were. You want a man who appreciates that and not so much a man who lusts after it, if that makes sense. You still have it, there's no rush, not yet at least!!
  13. As a modern woman, you have the opportunity to not only choose who will be the father of your children, but also who their dad will be. They simply need not be the same man. With that being said, it's probably best to be with someone who is as sure of this as you are - it's hard to go anywhere when the other wheel is running in the opposite direction. And whatever people want to say, there are a ton of people who derive meaning out of their own lives through raising kids. if you do have kids, the most you can do is make sure they always have at least one parent who truly cares about them, even if the other doesn't.
  14. Why even give him a choice at that point? Walk away and never look back... Never ceases to amaze me how wonderful these guys must look or feel if they can string all this women around them...
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