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Is musical talent attractive to women?


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Probably been done to death, but this is very specific.


Basically I'm unfortunate in that I don't have anything at all going for me physically. So naturally I start to look at other things that might give a glimmer of hope.. So please don't take what I am about to say as bragging, I am in an extremely stressful state right now and want to be as clear and to the point as possible.


I am quite a talented blues/60's rock guitarist to say the least and can better most older and wiser players I perform with who have had decades of playing under their belt.


So what I'm trying to make clear is.. I am not just some dude who picks up a guitar now and again or has one displayed in his room and claims he's a guitarist to impress the ladies. I am a dedicated and experienced musician with natural musical talent (perhaps the only good thing I got out of my genes).


Now, truthfully, is musical talent something that would attract you to a man? Could it be enough on it's own, given that he may have nothing else conventionally attractive (physically)?

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I personally, am attracted to musicians. Of course I ran with the Band Geek crowd in high school so music has always been a part of my life. I have something in common with a musician.


And, well....guys playing guitars and drums are hot!


So yes, I would be initially attracted to someone based on their musical talent. Bonus points of they write me a song and invite me to their show.

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Musicians are awesome. Yes, I do think it's a definite plus for you.


It's also a great way to really impress the woman and make her happy to play her nice songs and such. Really, it's a great talent!


I had a boyfriend who was very good at the piano and I could just listen to him all day!

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I definitely think it's a plus for you. Lots of women are attracted to musicians.


One question. Would you disregard a woman because she wasn't particularly musical?


My boyfriend was in a band when he was my age. He said that at the time he wouldn't have been attracted to me because I'm not musical. Obviously he got over that, but it got me thinking about how much people won't give others a chance based on their hobbies. Music and sports seem to be some of the more cliquey hobbies. It just seems so insignificant to me, but I guess that's because I'm into more solitary activities.

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I'm sure it would. I'm a musician myself so I see it more as something I'll have in common with someone. I think some girls like to go after guys in bands because of bragging rights or maybe just because they envy the fact that this guy is talented and she wishes she could play music too etc.

To be honest though, my ex was a musician. He had his own music projects, been played around the world etc. and I loved that we could share in this passion of music but at the same time he almost belittled me for not pursuing music as a career [ therefore he thinks I'm not serious about music ] and he was also so consumed by his music that's all he talked about or thought about most of the time.

So, in answer to your question, yes, I find musical ability attractive as long as there's a modesty to it.

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i think its safe to say most people will find your talent admirable. that doesnt always equate to increasing their tendency to fall in love or want a relationship with you based on that. so having something worth admiring doesnt mean it is 'attractive' in the sense that itll make people want to date you or be interested in dating you more.


overall i dont think its really that big of a factor and its not nearly enough all on its own if we're only talking about looks and your one talent. however, im sure you are not as bad physically as you think , people are always their own toughest critic.

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I can play drums, keyboards and guitar, none of them very well - only as a hobby, but if I'm with a girl I really dig I'll write her a song and learn it until I CAN play it well.


Haven't gotten the chance to try it yet, but some (un?)lucky girl will come along...

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I will never get attached to my guitars to the point where I would choose them over a partner.

To me they do not fall into the same category.


I always look at my guitars as tools rather than a partner.

Although I have given a couple names.


Blackie....because it is black.

And Lucky because I sold it and bought it back for more than i sold it for.


No girl names.

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I am most definitely attracted to musicians, and especially guitarists. (Because I play the guitar myself, not terribly well, but still...). I find it very, very sexy if a guy can play the guitar and I can watch their fingers move on the fretboard. Do you sing as well?

If I had a guy sing and play me a song on his guitar, I'd probably melt in a heartbeat. I'm really a sucker for guitarists, hehe.

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