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  1. Sounds good but I disagree. For some, flings can mean nothing and for others they can. You have to know the type you are. Also, you won't always get the same results with flings. They can sometimes lead to a deeper relationship. Sounds odd but I've had relationships start with flings and I've also had relationships not start with flings and the way SherrySer says. They had the same result. Best of luck, Maverick
  2. There are positives to having children and being able to support them. I, myself, was on the fence about additional kids and lost a pretty good relationship because of it. Not sure if it would have worked out but it was working well to that point. There are benefits which include having a family as you grow older. Family is very appealing, right? Having them and the grandchildren as you get on in years? There are the experiences with that family as well. Everyone is different and I do value my independent life but I'd say if you find a good woman to build a family with - you may re
  3. You handled it great. Try your best to move forward. Maverick
  4. I'm on Facebook but I am simply not updating. I've hidden her news feed. Periodically, I'll look at some mutual friends but for the most part, I am simply keeping a low profile. Everyone is different, though. I do like updating FB but for now.....just letting it go. Similar to deactivation, I suppose, but just another alternative. Best of luck, Maverick
  5. Just working to let you go.........you're a good woman. It will be ok. I will eventually.
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