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  1. A girl I hang out with a lot tells me occasionally that she wants me to flirt with her / doesn't know why I don't. I dont really know what she means though, and I don't know why she wants me to. I've asked her several times if she would be my girlfriend and she says she doesn't want a relationship and doesn't want to date me. We've known each other for 8 or 9 years and we've had sex probably a dozen times in the last few months (but never before january of this year). So I'm not sure where she's going with this "flirt with me" thing, and I guess I don't even know how...is it just more sexual
  2. I've been trying to date her since earlier this year but she says she doesn't want a relationship, which is fine. She's not my best friend but she tells people I'm hers. Not sure why. Once a month or so, we'll spend the night together. I try to avoid just hanging out with her but she always finds me because it's a small-ish town and she knows the places I hang out. I have to tell her today that I can't be just friends and it's really going to suck. She has somewhat low self-worth and I think she's going to be devastated.
  3. Perhaps. She doesn't really drink though and she's never done that before. I waited a while to respond to her initial message to not look eager. Thanks for your thoughts!
  4. I replied and said thank you for the message, it was nice to hear, but that I didn't quite know what she meant by it. It's been 3 days and no response 😔
  5. It was complications from her job requiring her to live in a different state half the year. But she doesn't have to do that now. The message last week was the only one i've ignored. I replied or talked on the phone all the other times. We were in a committed relationship for 3 years and I would like to get back together.
  6. Dated for 3 years. Been broken up for about one. She's contacted me about once a month since the break up. I've never initiated contact. Last week she texted me some random question about something meaningless and I didn't reply. Then last night she said, "I think about you, I don't want to be a stranger in your life." Does that sound hopeful and how should I respond?
  7. I've known a girl for several years. We've done a lot of sexual stuff together, not intercourse but pretty much everything else, although she has wanted to a couple times. I think the last time we were in bed together was about 6 months ago. We've hung out a few times a week every week for the last couple of months. A few nights ago I asked her if she wanted to have sex and she said no, and that she "just wasn't feeling it with anyone right now". So I said ok and left. We've both established that we're not interested in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. That was the first time I'd e
  8. this whole thing is very immature. you're 22. stop with the ridiculous facebook and myspace status update games. ask her out again if you still like her.
  9. superficiality. jealousy. violent tendancies. you need to break up with this person and figure out for yourself how to be a man while being single for a while.
  10. you are in the dreaded "friend zone". and so she feels it's ok to act that way around you. it sucks that they do that. but you need to pull away and relieve some of your attachment. do not be friends with someone you have feelings for. you will be in for a world of pain.
  11. counting is not the problem. it's almost impossible not to do that. the problem is in thinking that when the count hits 30, something magical is going to happen and everything's going to be ok just because it has been a month. not that the original poster thinks this...but she, or someone else doing some sort of "challenge" very well might.
  12. makes sense, but i think it's dangerously titled. makes it sound like at the end of the 30 days you'll be done with something, when in reality, there's almost no chance you will be.
  13. also, i dont know who came up with the "30 day no contact challenge", but that is a load of bull. no contact is not about putting a time on the no contact. the length of time is different for every situation and every person. just trying to help you out.
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