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  1. Perhaps. She doesn't really drink though and she's never done that before. I waited a while to respond to her initial message to not look eager. Thanks for your thoughts!
  2. I replied and said thank you for the message, it was nice to hear, but that I didn't quite know what she meant by it. It's been 3 days and no response 😔
  3. It was complications from her job requiring her to live in a different state half the year. But she doesn't have to do that now. The message last week was the only one i've ignored. I replied or talked on the phone all the other times. We were in a committed relationship for 3 years and I would like to get back together.
  4. Dated for 3 years. Been broken up for about one. She's contacted me about once a month since the break up. I've never initiated contact. Last week she texted me some random question about something meaningless and I didn't reply. Then last night she said, "I think about you, I don't want to be a stranger in your life." Does that sound hopeful and how should I respond?
  5. I've known a girl for several years. We've done a lot of sexual stuff together, not intercourse but pretty much everything else, although she has wanted to a couple times. I think the last time we were in bed together was about 6 months ago. We've hung out a few times a week every week for the last couple of months. A few nights ago I asked her if she wanted to have sex and she said no, and that she "just wasn't feeling it with anyone right now". So I said ok and left. We've both established that we're not interested in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. That was the first time I'd e
  6. I'm not pining for her. Like I said, I know she's not coming back. But it just pops in there...I don't know how to control what I dream about. Anyway, the relationship was just one aspect of what I think is going on. I only mentioned it because it might be a contributing factor. I feel like I have, or at least am trying to move on. I look for someone else every day...there's just nothing
  7. I don't really care about or want to do anything. All my friends are either gone or have moved on and gotten married and had kids and don't talk to me any more. Almost nothing is interesting or seemingly worthwhile any more. I usually leave work early to go home and sleep. My fiancee left me two years ago because she was stressed about school. She said there was nothing wrong with me and that I never did anything wrong, and that I was the best boyfriend she ever had. I've tried to move on...been out with other people but no one really wants me. I know in my head logically she's not comi
  8. Thanks everyone. Yes, we do live a few hours apart, but she is traveling to me for this meet up, and this whole thing was her initiating and her idea. I'd be a lot more reluctant if she had dumped me for another person. But it was for school. She even told me there wasn't really anything wrong. She was just too stressed out. So I guess I'll go and see what she's thinking and why all of a sudden. I feel like we've known each other way too long and are too mature for games. She may just want friends but if she's up front about it then I don't consider that a game. But I'll just say sorry, I can
  9. I still don't know what her intentions are, so yeah. I shouldve asked first.
  10. I posted about this briefly a while ago but now there's more! After a year of no contact after she broke up with me, she emailed me a short message saying she thinks about me a lot. There were a couple more emails after that. I replied to each one a few days after she sent them but they were just superficial questions about nothing. Last week she left a voicemail wanting to know if I would like to meet up this weekend so I said yes. What's going on? I told her when we were together that if we ever broke up I wouldn't want to be just friends with her. I'm very anxious/nervous/kinda scared a
  11. I can't really meet up...we live several hours drive apart.
  12. Definitely don't want to be friends. When I reached out, which was a year ago now, she had just started seeing someone. Which I didn't know. I don't do any social media.
  13. We dated for a year, and had minimal contact for a few months after breaking up. When she broke up with me she said I was the best boyfriend she'd ever had and that I didn't do anything wrong, and that there was nothing wrong with me. About 5 months later I let her know I was interested in getting back together but she said she wasn't. That was exactly one year ago. Haven't heard a word from her since, until a couple days ago she emailed me a short message that basically said, "I think about you often...I understand if you don't want to reply but we were friends for a long time and I would lik
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