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  1. If it happens....Floyd would carry him for awhile. He'll humiliate him.
  2. Just to add to my last post. If Federer plays best of 5 sets. Serena only goes 3. LOL
  3. Roger Federer winning the Australian Open was great!!!! He's clearly the GOAT. Serena shouldn't even be in the conversation.
  4. She started using it after her last fight. She didn't put it down as a medication she was using prior to the drug test she failed. It is also on the list of banned supplements listed by USADA. She's a fraud.
  5. Sage lost to Mickey Gall. The guy who beat CM Punk. Cyborg got popped for something I can't even spell. But I'm pretty sure she used to it mask something else in her system. She should be gone for 2 years.
  6. Cyborg can't make 135 tho. Also, she is probably going to be suspended eventually. She did fail a drug test this month. She's a product of steroids. Guys in the lower divisions have to do things to make themselves standout. Otherwise, they turn into Demetrious Johnson. Beat everyone, but make little in the process. Sage is not a UFC quality fighter. He needs to go elsewhere to get more experience. I think he could also drop some muscle.
  7. I actually thought Ronda would get mauled. She doesn't like being hit and is a typical frontrunner. She was looking for a way out after the first punch. Ronda is the most overhyped fighter in mma history. She made her name on beating fighters in a weak division. As soon as the talent came, well..........she got exposed as a one dimensional fighter that hates being hit. I don't see anyone at 135 beating Cody anytime soon. From my understanding, he used to beat down TJ during sparring all the time. He had nothing for him. Cruz lost because Cody had better boxing technique than him. Cruz moves in and out with his hand and head down. Cody was using real boxing footwork. Cruz' boxing works well against mma styled boxers, but it meant nothing to Cody. I see Cruz getting finished in a rematch. I had no problem with the trash talking. Both guys are simply trying to make more money in hyping their fight. Cody may be a little dim. But he's rather smart in the cage.
  8. Watching Ronda Rousey get exposed again was hilarious.
  9. The Conjuring 2. It was a well done film. But..........I can't fully get into most of these paranormal horror films. I would rather see slashers come back. 7/10.
  10. All of this could've been avoid had the dems picked someone better than Hillary. It was treated as if the position was a gift given to her for stepping aside in 2008. The presidency isn't something you are given. You have to earn it.
  11. With Hillary, I wouldn't have to wait out. I would just count down the days.
  12. I would be more concerned with WW3 than somebody hurting peoples feelings.
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