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Guys who are open minded regarding their gf - Sign in here!


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That is, guys who don't mind that their gf has been with dozens of people or whatever.


For me, I don't care at all. She could be giving blowjobs in toilets and I don't care. Of course, not while she is with me, haha! But her past is of no consequence to me. Infact sometimes I might be turned on if she told her sexual escapades.


So how many guys are like me?

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I feel those people who like to sleep around are these people who will stay in a relationship for awhile before getting bored with the same hankering that "life style" again.

And yes it has happened to me in the past with someone.


So no go for me.

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But what if you were to bump into like 20 guys who have had sex with your girlfriend and done nearly everything and maybe more to her than you have?? would you care then?


Haha! That's an awkward situation isn't it?


I think the past says a lot about the person you're looking at today, whether they've made a change in their lifestyle or not... you at least know what they're capable of and what they're willing to act on.


I was a vindictive back in the day, and I enjoyed not caring about guys because I had been hurt so bad I was determined to be the girl that they all wanted but couldn't keep. My man used to have a crush on every girl who showed him interest and would feel like if he wasn't doing what the other guys at school were doing, he wasn't fitting in (regarding the whole gf/bf thing all the time instead of just staying single).

We're different people now, but that says quite a bit about who we can be.


So yes, it's important in my opinion ^_^

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A person's past makes them who they are, that is all I will say. Personally if I'm having sex with anyone it is important for me to know their sexual history. If a person has had sex freely with a large portion of people that doesn't fit my values. But again it depends on the person. For myself, if I were a guy, I would be completely turned off.

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I don't know. I'd prefer not to know in a way. It could be hot or a real turn off, it probably would be a turn off for me. But if i really loved the girl ultimately i wouldnt let it get in the way. Considering that, I guess I'd just rather not know.


Ugh yea, I'm imagining my ex's pretty face right now and imagining how I'd feel knowing she'd had crazy excessive sexual escapades. At the same time the above point is right, about hearing it from others. I also wouldn't want to be lied to about things. Actually no, I'd probably just rather be lied to. And hope I never run into those guys.


Sexual desire is sexual desire, there's nothing really wrong with her (or anyone) wanting to go crazy. But it would just kinda gross me out, and make me view her as a little dirtier than I'd really like to view the one I love. It would be hard.

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Open minded? I don't understand how being or not being bothered by promiscuity has anything to do with whether one is open minded. I would say someone is open minded if they could equally respect others are promiscuous as well as those who choose not to be promiscuous. And then it would follow that it would be rather close minded to assume that it's only ok to be promiscuous, or only ok to be prude, or only ok to be in the middle.

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I am a girl, but if I were a guy that would be a complete turn off to me...


Can you say, "STDs" ?


A person could get an STD from their first partner.


You should get an STD check with each and every new partner. Just because someone is inexperienced does not mean they are clean.


For the record, I don't care about a man's sexual past. As long as he is clean now.

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What one has done in the past is not always an indication of who they are deep inside. I went through a phase of one night stands and meaningless sex and I could never do it now. The issues that made me be self distructive still remain in small doses so if that means that noone is allowed to have issues or been tainted by life or their actions then good luck to us.

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