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  1. Why not buy her a spa day as a gift for a birthday/anniversary, or even just because. You can get her a package where she could go get her hair done, massage, facial, pedicure, manicure. It would be a nice treat for her and would make her look good for you. Have you suggested maybe getting a joint gym membership, where you two could go to the gym together? She might see that a little differently than you saying "you should really go to the gym and work out". Or, do what my brother did for his girlfriend and buy a Wii Fit. lol. I think there is nothing wrong with expecting your partner to keep herself looking good, as in not being a slob. For me, it all depends. If I'm at home in the evening and don't need to go anywhere else, I'm in my pajamas 99% of the time, starting the minute I get home from work. And my partner just has to accept that. If I'm going out, I'll dress appropriately for the occasion, be it work, a date, or casual.
  2. I just watched the first 15 seconds of that and i'm sitting in my room alone, its dark, 2 in the morning, and that freaked the hell outta me so i had to turn it off. will watch during the day.
  3. Thank you so much blender. Your advice has been really helpful and encouraging. It gave me a clear frame of mind of what I'm going to do. I have no idea if he will call or not, but I know for sure I will get through this. I've been through it before and I'll do it again. Thanks...
  4. The hardest part is that we didn't get to discuss it. And hes obviously avoiding it because if he truly wanted to talk about it he would have found a way (like call from his cell phone when he was in town). When we were talking on MSN he said he was still confused because he thought that I wanted to break up and that he thought it was me who was unsure about my feelings when the only thing going through his head at the time was that he felt bad about not being able to come into town. thats about as far as we've gotten with this. Its so frustrating to just leave it at an open end like that. I'm not going to email him. I think its over and it hurts to leave it like this but I think I have no other choice.
  5. Two weeks ago my bf and I broke up. It left me feeling really confused as there was no reason for it and it just happened. He started acting strange and when I questioned him about it he kept saying he didn't know and it led to a break up. Anyways, lately I've been good. Except when I'm sitting at home alone in my apartment. I get really depressed. The fact that I really didn't have any closure is really getting to me. So after not talking to him for a week and a half I added him back on to MSN and we started talking. I decided to be upfront and honest and told him I was still mad. He said he was still confused. We started talking about what happened and then he said he had to go to bed cuz he had to be up really early. I said "alright, but if we are going to even be friends we really need to finish this conversation because I need it" and he said "yes, I definitely want to finish talking about this with you, we'll talk tomorrow" So sure enough he comes on MSN two days later (tonight) profusely apologizing b/c his internet/phone line is messed up and he tried talking to me yesterday but couldn't. Then he warned me that he might get kicked off tonight cuz the phone line is still messed up. So sure enough we don't get to talk. I really need to get this stuff out so either i cna have closure or maybe we might even decide to get back together. The whole situation is that i thought he wanted to break up and he thought i wanted to break up but i odn't think either of us really wanted that. I think about him a lot and i really miss him. I just don't know what to do. I really need to talk to him about it and I'm not sure what to say. Should i send him an email expressing my thoughts or what? my friends said i should send him an email and outright tell him i want to get back together. is this a good idea?
  6. From the little info you provided here - it seems to be the case that you have a more solid base with Man A on which to build a relationship. Think about Man B in the long term. Would it work out? Are your feelings at this point just lust? Cuz that fades over time and if you have nothing in common to base it on then a long term thing probably won't work out.
  7. K, i'm putting this under break-ups, because essentially thats whats been happening in my life lately. The biggest break-up I'm concerned about is the one with my family. My parents and I have not been getting along AT ALL - my mom and I fight every second time I call her. I haven't spoken to my father since Christmas. I asked my mom what Dad's problem was, and she didn't tell me. So i asked him myself - he pretty much told me he has "given up on me". I don't get it. I don't get why. I'm doing well for myself, living on my own in a city far away and i have a great career and good friends, I live a positive life. I workout everyday and I go to church once a week. Whats this "given up on me?" crap about then? I decided not to talk to my family anymore - NC from my parents. I'll still talk to my sister. But not my parents. I just can't do it. They belittle me and make me upset everytime i talk to them. I have 2 friends that just decided to stop talking to me, didn't even tell me why, don't return my phonecalls or txt messages. I didn't even get a reason. I know its not cuz they are busy. But for some reason they just stopped talking to me. I also broke up with my bf a week ago today and I'm having a hard time because of the other stuff happening all at once. He didn't tell me why either. It leaves me thinking - "what the hell is wrong with me???"
  8. Just give it a shot. Girls usually feel very flattered when guys hit on them, its like an ego boost. Just give it a try and see what happens. whats the worst that can happen? She will say no? Well at least you tried and you know rather than spend the rest of your life wondering. Good luck.
  9. I have problems with depression too. And I find exercise is like a miracle for this. I don't take any medication because I hate the way I feel so indifferent when I'm on it. It actually started making me crazy. So yeah, I exercise every day and I feel a lot better. Also make sure you are eating healthy foods. And keep yourself busy. I don't know of any natural things that work other than this. As for the cat, I would suggest you give her away now if you are having second thoughts. It is waaaay easier to give away a kitten to a good home because most people want cats when they are young. If things like cat hair and that are driving you nuts now it will only continue to drive you crazy. Best off to give him to a loving home. Theres nothing wrong with that, you can still love cats and love animals, but if you are having trouble taking care of him maybe its not for you.
  10. why not go on a road trip? I did that a couple times this summer. Just drove out to a random small town and went for a drink and came back. It was fun and I got to blast the tunes in my car and cruise down the highway and when I got there i always talked to new people because I was more outgoing cuz I knew I didn't have to go back there again if I didn't want to. It was fun.
  11. My friend told me all about this the other day. She said she saw it on oprah and it was REALLLLLY good. I'm gonna take it up and watch it tomorrow when i have more time. Thanks for the link!!!
  12. Ok, so my ex called today. I don't get it. He was the one that initiated the break-up, well kinda talked me into breaking up with him, whatever. Anyways. I was all good, getting over things, and then he called. Why? I was too busy to take his call. He called on my cell and my house and i was on the way to the gym and he asked how i was and i said i was fine but i had to let him go cuz i was driving. So i didn't even get a chance to find out what the heck he was calling for. Why do exes call after its over???? Geez, I still have no idea WHY he wanted to break up. Now i gotta figure out why he wants to contact me. guys are stupid. not all of them, i know. but this one sure is.
  13. Ok, so my bf and I broke up, which is a good thing. It was a LDR and it was getting really hard. I don't understand why it ended, things were going sooooooooooooooooo goood and then all of a sudden this weekend he said he didin't want to come out, and he was really quiet. I asked him if I should be concerned about anything. He avoided the question, so I re-asked him. He said "maybe". I asked him to tell me what was up, and he wouldn't. He kept saying "i don't know, i don't know, i don't know" every answer to my question was "I don't know", so I eventually said "well, from what i'm getting out of you, i don't think you really want this. But when it comes to me, I really don't want to be with a guy that doesn't know if he wants to be with me or not, so I think we should end things here and you can take time to think and figure out what you really want" It was sooo annoying. I still don't know why. I don't know WHY he all of a sudden changed his mind. All I knew, is that he was confused about his feelings towards me, and that I deserve to be with someone who KNOWS they want to be with me. I'm feeling ok about the breakup - i just wish I had a reason. It was a real pain to even try to get the breakup out of him. I knew something was off and I knew he wanted to do it, but he freakin wouldn't stop with the "i don't know". At the end of the conversation, I said goodnight. He said " I will probably talk to you tomorrow". mod edit????? I don't want to speak to this guy again. I deleted and blocked him off MSN and i changed the batteries in my call display so i'm not going to answer his calls. If i do pick up when he calls I'm going to say " Why are you calling?? We broke up" I think i'm giving up on dating.
  14. Yes I have many male friends that are JUST friends and its never gone beyond that.
  15. My boyfriend and I, things got off to a great start, and then we had a really rocky month due to miscommunications. Recently we ended up getting things back on track and we've been talking a lot and making up for lost time. We started dating in December. I really really like this guy and hope things work out and I know he wants things to work out too because he is putting so much effort into making sure we are communicating every day and visiting me. Anyways, I feel really bad because of all the bad choices I made in my past. Things i am just not proud of, smoking, getting into drugs, sleeping with guys, suicidal attempts, etc. He knows about this, and he says it doesn't bother him. But he is SUCH a good person. He is waiting until marriage for sex, and has had a really good life, and the extent of "bad" things he has done is getting really drunk. I really admire this about him, that he works so hard and is close with his familiy and is a good guy. I just feel bad because I wish I would have waited for someone like him to come along rather than just settle for whatever came along and in the process got dragged into all the bad things I did. I really really regret that I once lived my life like that. I've turned myself around and I still have some turning around to do. I've just had a hard time shaking this feeling.
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