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  1. Teenagers have sex lives??? hahahaha break up and diseases, abortions and gossip - life of a teenage sex life. Trust me, you don't want to go there. Maybe you just need to look for women in different places. Dating is like real estate - location, location, location. You can be treated like crap in one place by girls, and then go to another and you are an idol.
  2. I agree !! I think I do scare of women my age because I am too mature. Some people say that girls mature faster than guys, but I personally don't agree. Almost all the girls I know who are my age are just the same as guys...
  3. The person who does the asking is the one who risks losing out in the relationship, because they have to make the other person happy to be accepted. For me, I have liked girls before, only to have them play games with my heart. That is why I have never had a serious relationship before. So I will never enter into a relationship unless the girl likes me first. I want to see how committed she really is...she is the one who has to do the asking...
  4. What matters isn't who gets dates easier or how many dates one gets. What matters is the quality of the people you date. If you date just one person and that person is right for you, it's better than dating 10,000 others who are not right for you..
  5. AGAIN !!! today a woman in her seventies came up to me and starting telling me how handsome I am. She told me again and again how good looking i am..... i don't mind being flattered like this, but no girls my age do that to me. Its always older women or really young teenage girls who are into me, while girls my own age ignore me...esp. today, i was talking to the girl i really like, and she went off, and flirted with my friend.......ahhhh..so frustrating..... i don't want a girl who is 13 or 63...i want one who is my age, just like me...
  6. There is also another part of the story i didn't tell you: OK, after the neck kissing incident, i stopped all contact with her, and thought I would never see her again. But when I was with her, I had mentioned the name of the church i sometimes attend. So a couple of months ago, I went to church, and guess who was there ? It was her !! I didn't want to be rude, but i went up to her and basically asked her why she was there. She told me I was the only one who had ever cared about her, and that she had come to church just to be with me. I then ignored her. OK, and this is the kicker...that afternoon I went to the beach, and then to the mall. Guess who i happen to see in the mall...its her. But there she is, strolling around, HAND IN HAND with another man. Just hours ago she had told me I was the ONLY ONE who ever cared about her, and that she had come to church just because she wanted to be with ME, and now i see her just hours later with another man !!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god !!!!! yes i was played. I just feel sorry for that other guy who she was with....
  7. I think generally after the 4th month it begins to show, and after the 6th month it is almost undeniable. But it depends how small the girl is. I know a girl who was popping after just 3 months because she only weighed 90 pounds. Because asian women are smaller, they usually show sooner.
  8. I am a virgin, but I have been taken advantage of by a girl who totally used me. She first came to me telling me she had just escaped an abusive relationship and that she had (before that) an abusive father, and that all she wanted was someone to care for her. Naturally, I felt sorry for her, and did some things for her to help her out. But it soon became clear that she was really into me, and though I didn't want to be with her, I refused to cut her off because I felt that would devastate her. To make a long story short, one day she grabbed me and started kissing my neck. It was after that I realized that her whole story was phony. She did this to so many guys. She would draw them in with this story, act all innocent, and then do something to gratify herself. It's really sick actually to think about her lusting after me. I think the trickery that draws men in is that she can play the part of an abused woman well, and that she never asks for money (so men don't suspect she is a gold digger). But to tell you the truth, i would prefer to have given her money than have her lust after me and kiss me neck. Thats so gross !!! Anyway, thats my story...
  9. There are lots of fun things one can do by themself other than read books at night clubs. Here are some: 1. Pretend you are a tourist, and go around city landmarks asking hot girls to take your photo for you. I did that once, and it was a lot of fun. 2. Cook up some yummy cookies or something with a nice smell, buy a daily transit pass, and ride the trains and buses talking to hot girls about your dish. I tell you, its such a conversation opener. i don't know...
  10. I agree there are people out there who have set up whole plans on how to seduce and them dump a girl. There are whole websites and clubs dedicated to that sort of thing. All I have to say is to take anything in a relationships SLOWLY. For me, I would never start a romantic relationship with a girl unless I had known her as a friend for a year. And then it would be a while for a 1st kiss, a long time before a marriage proposal, and sex only after marriage. Taking things quickly leaves one vulnerable to perverts.
  11. I think that quiet and mysterious guys are very attractive to women because they reveal so little and leave the rest up to the imaginatin of the girl. The girl is left wondering and imagining what there is she doesn't know, and it eats up her thoughts and she becomes captivated because she doesn't know. Mysterious guys reveal just a little bit to keep her interested, and then leave the rest up to the imagination.... this analogy may sound strange, but i think its true: a mysterious guy is like a girl who shows some cleavage. The man, seeing the clevage, gets just a little bit, and then wonders what else is under the clothing. In the same way, the quiet and mysterious man, feeds the girl just a tiny bit just to get her interested, and then the girl imagines what else is inside that she can't see yet....... maybe that helps, maybe not...
  12. I am pretty sure that over 190 pounds is over weight for someone of your height, but only slightly.
  13. Go to a temp or staffing agency. They are probably the best way to get your foot in the door. For me, I was in the situation. I graduated with high grades and tons of volunteer experience, but only fast food job experience. I handed out almost 100 resumes, with not a single response. So I went to a staffing agency, landed a great paying job in a day, and now am very happy. Good luck.
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