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How should I act when I see him?


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This probably belongs in the healing forum, but I'm posting here because I'm still very much interested in getting back with my ex even if that is not what he even wants right now, and it's only been about 2 months since the break-up.


We go to the same uni AND are in the same class yet somehow I haven't seen him in several weeks. I have a very strong feeling tomorrow I'll see him in class. How do I act or give the message that I'm interested in moving into NIC or LC? I have been NC for 2 weeks, but I'm starting to feel with my situation, it would be best if we kept in minimal contact. He's the kind of guy who would LET the other person fall off the face of the earth if THEY really wanted to. He very much thinks about the other person and their wishes, so I feel like he hasn't been contacting me because he thinks I am strong about NC. I initially was but never said "don't ever contact me again!" I mean, if the guy said "hope to talk to you soon" in the last e-mail exchange contact we had, why wouldn't he?


When I do see him, I don't want to intentionally ignore him - that would send the wrong message, signal that I am strict NC. And I think just saying hello and how are you wouldn't hurt.


How should I act around him? Do I want to send the message that I'm super happy? Ok with a tinge of sadness?


It might seem like a stupid question, but I just don't want to overdo it...or underdo (if thats even possible)

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Your best bet is to not contact. I assume you are the dumpee, and if you are, then you really have no business in trying to make things work. He already knows you still want to get back together...there is no need for you to keep telling him that. If he doesn't want to be with you, then he won't make the move to get back together. You should start trying to let go of the idea of getting back together because the odds aren't in your favor.


As for seeing him in class, you should act like you would with any other classmate you don't speak to. If he approaches you, then respond respectfully to him. Keep it simple and to the point. Hi & Bye will be fine. You shouldn't even ask how he is doing. If he doesn't approach you, then don't take offense to it. Remember you are exes, and at this point, he really doesn't owe you anything.

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