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She wants me to pick up a gift...


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So I dated this girl for about three months. Yesterday she told me that she she's sad depressed etc... whatever doesn't have time for me. I told her I was getting my needs met, and I ended the relationship. I bought her an x-mas present, and she bought me one. I haven't spent time with her since x-mas so I never picked up the present she got for me. She bought me a hamster. Now, when I think about going there to pick it up, my gut gives me a bad feeling and I really don't care to see her right now. She asked if I'm still going to pick it up. Now maybe if it was like a shirt or something that'd be cool, but she bought me a HAMSTER. That means a living thing I'm possibly going to have to take care of for a good amount of time. I really don't like having a furry animal running around serving as a reminder of a bridge once burnt.


What would you do if you were me?

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haha, i don't know why this made me laugh for some reason. sorry. uh...yeah, unless you're absolutely set on taking care of the little guy/girl for the next 18 -24 months (yeah, I Googled hamster lifespans), you might want to pass on this.


I mean, if she still has the hamster and is taking care of it, then best of luck to her. Just let her know that you're not ready/wanting to see her--or to be a hamster parent.

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Ask her to find another home for it. This is just one of many reasnos i hate when people give live animals as gifts when they were not asked for directly. It is a burden to the person who didn't want the responsibility.


If you don't feel you can take care of this hamster or even if you just don't want the respnosibliity tell her 1) you don't think seeing her right now is good for either of you and that 2) you do not feel you want to care for a hamster right now and that she will have to find another home for it. If she bought it that should suggest she herself likes them, so she can keep it. She'll have two christmas gifts, the one you bought her and the one she bought you.


If you would in fact like it then as GRRR suggested have a friend pick it up, but if you really don't want the burden, tell her to keep it and she has another gift...


I wonder if her insisting you come get it is a way to re-establish a connection? If so, and you are not looking for that, do not feel pressured in going over there.

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I told her I wasn't going to pick it up, because I didn't feel good about driving over there to get it. Her response was "K". She said she loves the hamster, I guess she'll probably want to keep it for herself. It's funny how one moment they are clinging your leg not wanting you to leave their side, and then bam they can't even make a time of day for you. I think her ex popped back into the picture, just my guess.

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