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Can you have a crush on a cartoon??

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hey there Laura Ashley


hahahaha i never thought id hear of something like this on the forum. but completely understandable. i think everyone at one stage had a crush on a fictional character ( even cartoon)......and sometimes, it takes a while to grow out of. i'll admitt something VERY embarrassing, i used to have a crush on knuckles from "sonic and knuckles" (the game not the show), who would of every thought it'd be possible, not only is he a game character, he's not even human! (granted i was young at the time, so its not so weird right!)


.....i just know thats going to come back to haunt me one day. oh well, even now when i watch anime's and play games i'll make remarks like "oh he's hot! so and so is SO lucky to get him".......weird, but i find if you surround yourself with these sort of media's alot your bound to do strange things. your friend will probably grow out of it sooner or later, so i wouldnt worry, she may sound obsessed now, but later she'll be laughing at herself thinking "DAMN i was a weird one"


she might talk like that now, and she probably will now and again, but once she gets a boyfriend, she wont react so much to it. well atleast i HOPE she wont, thats what im baraking on anyways.



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i guess its an open option to who you believe is attractive or cute even if it is a cartoon character. a little unique but still.

i always thought it was people of a fairly young age, and im guessing from your posts shes around your age. supposed that every grows out of things at different times.

it wouldnt be something id pass around and brag about though! lol.


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LOL - it's normal enough, like Materia_goddess said, having crushes on fictional characters happens a lot. I'm part of an online anime site and community, and it's relatively common, just as it's common to develop little crushes on movie stars etc. It comes, and it goes, and seems particularly common in some anime where the characters are well developed personality wise. It's really no biggie, she'll move on to other things

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I just took a road trip, and we had many discussions, including one similar to this.


My friend, we'll call him "Bob", is pathetic on so many levels. He hates the female gender but I'm sure given the chance be one (yep, screweded up).

Anyways, we were talking about sexual release, and he brought up anime and hentai, and the fact that he jacks off to that stuff on the basis of "They're perfect. They can be anything you want them to be." Obviously, his imagination isn't that good, cause I think most guys can foster an image of a perfect women from their head.

Bob's logic was these girls can be his definition of perfect, they don't have to have the physical blemishes but they can if so desired, and the personality can be changed in an instant. You can do what you want to them, and it really doesn't matter, they are cartoons, they don't get tired.


Everyone else in the car had a long laugh during this time, especially when he got into the trusting anime characters....(yea, he needs help, we all know that)...

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Well, I'd definitely worry about someone who had a serious crush on a cartoon character, but being a massive anime fan, I can totally understand how certain characters can be very attractive. In fact, I've read some pretty great (and sexy!) Trigun fanfic, as I'm a huuuge Vash fan!


So unless your friend is developing actual feelings for a 'toon, and is comparing flesh-and-blood boys and men to him (or worse, avoiding real relationships because no one stacks up to the cartoon character), then I'd not be too concerned.



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I have NEVER had a crush on a cartoon character, and I have never found a cartoon character to be cute. They are just not human...how is it possible to love something that is not human (excluding animals because there are some animals I love). But a cartoon creation.....i could never fall in love with one.

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Heheh Vegeta... I think it depends on the person. Some people find anime characters really cute while others would think...they are not real so they can't be cute or attractive.


I think it really depends on the personality of that person. I would not worry about it. I think most anime fans would think some character is cute or attractive at some point.


Now with rofflers friend. Well maybe this is just his way of justifying it? Kind of strange but yet I am sure he is not alone with that.

I just finished playing a really interesting game named Kana little sister. It was one of those very emotional, very well done games. I found my self attracted to the main character to some point because of her strength, personality and innocence. I found my self hooked on the game because of the great character development and story line. After looking at the reviews it appears as though i was not alone on that either. It had the same effect on pretty much anyone who has played it. It made some cry (me included ), made some readers attracted to certin characters etc.


Like I said. I think it depends on the personility of that particular person. I think almost anyone with a bit of an open mind could find an anime character attractive or cute to some level. Once it does not become your reality then i think its ok.


What do u all think?

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I used to have a crush on Mamoru from Sailor Moon Actually, I was in HS and a few friends and I had a crush on him Yeah, so it's anime, but he's so good looking!!!


We got over it eventually, but it's those semi-feminine anime/manga men that seem to be so good looking. For me, it was a harmless infatuation with something that wasn't real. I knew it wasn't, but it was fun and silly. It is nice to think that I could do stuff like that and it wouldn't hurt anything. Being young and crazy has it's benefits.

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Ya its not to much of a crush rather see that some of these characters are attractive.


If there were in real life however, that would be weird. There was the one website i saw once. It had this person dressed up totally in this anime outfit. There were cameras in the home filming this persons life 24 / 7. Out of curiosity i watched the thing for a few seconds. It bought chills down my back. It was FREEKKY

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I have wanted to make love to the house wife on The Family Guy every since I first laid eyes on her. She is dry, sarcastic, sexy and very loyal. Also I have fallen in love with the little mermaid, the chick in beauty & the beast and I have a thing for the disney chick in Hercules. (now if Lisa from the Simpson would only turn 18...)

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