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  1. Cpx well I am sure you will make a fine catch for whatever girl you end up with and the ex is probably gonna regret losing you in the long run.
  2. Muneca I disagree. I think feelings including my own can be absolutely rediculous. They are sometimes mindless attachments to things that serve little or no purpose anymore. What drgn was suggesting was that some people find comfort in being miserable because it is a familair misery and that sometimes we cnsciously choose to be miserable beause that is the only thing we have known for a while. These people even become afraid because they are willing to settle for miserable because they are so afraid of being disapointed again that they rather have the familair misery than something that migh
  3. Drgon if you mean bang bush I like banging bush. Oh you meant the President. No I don't want to bang him. Even if i didn't loathe em. But that is for another website
  4. Dragn when you invited me here I longed to argue with you because...well I like to argue and debate viewpoints and ideas. Unfortunately I stand corrected. We agree 100%. Next time say something I think is stupid.
  5. If he is still talking to her then he is obsessive and self-destructive. He needs to either He needs to be doing NC until he feels totally over her without trying to get her back. But in the meantime, feel however miserable he wants to because ultimately no matter how masochistic we are, misery just gets boring.
  6. Dragon I agree with that as much as it is possible. Then maybe I misread somewhere In the forty pages of loooong material. I thought he said he'd given up on her and didn't want to try and win her back.
  7. Drgon what if he does these things and thins about her whnen he does them? The other thing, is writing about her when he is pent up a good thing?
  8. Anybody who is settling for a guy is setting them up for heart break.
  9. Drgon I agree with you, he should throw in the towel. She ain't coming back and if she does it'll be her decision, he can't change that. But Idon't think there's much you can do about not being miserable. Some people take yrs to grieve about this kinda stuff. Of course my knowledge about letting go is minimal. Any suggestions?
  10. I think I have by and large been misunderstood. I do not think you can just get over pain. I disagree with drgn and possibly some of the other posters on this part. Six months ago around early march a girl screwed me up worse than any woman previously in my entire history including my mom. Now that's impressive (in a bad way). Not a day goes by that I don't feel miserable at some point in the day thinking about her. Not a day goes by that I am not filled with hate, hate that I don't want to feel for somebody who is a seriously troubled person. I want to get rid of that hate, God only
  11. EVa nobody is saying what you are doing is selfish. But this new guy sounds like a rebound and like he is in for heartbreak.
  12. Nobody is saying you can't still have feelings for an ex or that you can have feelings for two people at once. What people are suggesting I believe is that you shouldn't fuel those feelings for someone you can't have where into you have a choice of doing so to the point that it is interfering with your happiness or your ability to foster a present more relationship with more potential.
  13. Eva It sounds quite a bit like this current new guy is fullfilling the same function as a rebound. He will probably never get a really good chance of you falling in love with him. As for the original poster, it is fine to rant all you want on here, but don't make the mistake of making this an unhealthy exploration in masochism when you could be pondering the qualities of others. As much as you have written (and there is nothing wrong with writing as much as you want here or in a journal) I am a little concerned that you might be making a conscious effort to think about her which I think Dark
  14. I almost forgot. High heels, dark sun glasses, and hot tubs are also really big turn ons.
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