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Keeping myself open in hopes he'll be back?


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So its been 5 months since the breakup... NC has only been the past 2 months or so... I find out a couple days ago he is moving with his new girlfriend up north.. in my mind I know Karma will come around and kick him in his butt (I know the girl he is seeing and she did what he did to me, to his best friend when they were seeing each other) and after all he has put me through, if he ever asked me back, I would in a heartbeat. I did date a guy for like 2 months and he ended up being a psycho, and I still had my ex on my mind the whole time. I have dreams about him almost everynight, and I just sit and wonder if he will realize that what he had wasn't so bad. Im just afraid that if he did come back, I would be in some form of a relationship, and will lose my chance. Im probably being a bit naive and know I should just move on, but im hanging on to a thread of hope that isnt seeming to go away.

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that is a good point Superdave. Mor...he is moving in with another girl...it means he has moved on...if they don't work out do you really want to be the girl he comes back to because he had no where else to go? just for him to do it again.... I sure wouldn't want to be that girl

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i dont agree with that thinking.

people make mistakes and screw up and let

selfishness take over...


i personally know of two different couples

who had broken up.. dated other people..one was even engaged..

but eventually dumped them all and ended up back with their original ex...

and are now happily married with children....


typically people have to date other people after breaking up to truly realize what they had. its pathetic and stupid... but thats sometimes what it takes..especially for a STUPID BOY.


to the poster:

dont get in the way of his relationship.

do things you like to do. i know what its like to constantly think about your ex. but if you and he are to be together, they will not work out. and you dont need to be worried regardless.

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People do make mistakes....we are all human. We all realize this. All we are saying is that why hang on to something that isn't hanging onto you.


His actions, mistake or not, are speaking loud and clear to her that he is moving on with his life.


We don't provide false hope...we provide practical advice based on experience.


"Stupid boy" or not.....



Common sense makes me assume this...


Who is more "stupid"? The guy who is moving on with his life....or the woman that can't see the obvious because she is "hang on a thread"?



Just my opinion.




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I know I should move on, cuz I dont want to be single and wonder for years... but.. I mean, what if she changes his mind at the last second, or.. she cheats on him in a couple months. I mean yeah I dont want to wait for years for him to come back. We had a relationship for over 2 years, he broke up with me a week after christmas, because we had been arguing alot over moving to our own place (we were currently living in his parents house) and.. so now 5 months later, he is MOVING with his new girlfriend. Its like it was so sudden. He told me he didnt want to be in a relationship with anyone, including me... but I guess that didnt stop him from jumping into a new one. Silly me for trusting him.

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