so seeing woman (52) for month. First two weeks whirlwind romance, she ringing and perusing me. We sleep together, very passionate. Out of blue I get the not ready for relationship, I am attracted to you as a friend malarkey. To try to get back on track when we meet today for nice day together I tell her that she has gone about 20 chapters into the future using the relationship card, when all I wanted was to be her lover, friend and confidante, not her boyfriend or partner just yet and that we should take one day at a time as we have some of her 'baggage' to deal with, including divorce, and her getting over a two year going nowhere affair that ended late last year.

At end of meeting today went in for the kiss goodbye, which she was receptive till last second before or lips met and she remembered her new boundaries and gave me her cheek.

Questions: have I burnt my bridges ? Do you think I should play the long game, be patient and wait till she has resolved her fears and anxieties about being in relationship with me ? ( asked if the relationship statement was just aimed at relationship with me, or anyone. Told it was with anyone).
Get the feeling she has been in abusive relationships and I compliment her, make her blush, and am a Damn nice guy. I think she may be scared, frightened about falling head over heels for me, am I deluded or will she quietly, slowly come round if I take my foot off the gas a bit ??

Value your opinions and observations. Thanks.