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  1. First...don't let a man take advantage of you like that! If you don't want him to touch you or take things farther, then STOP. He will survive. Second, it kind of sounds like you have already made this situation into a relationship. I can pretty much guarantee that he has not. Chances are he considers you a hookup--a sure thing. He doesn't see you as a friend or as a relationship. He sees you as someone who will do whatever he wants. Don't let yourself be in this position. Don't get taken advantage of!
  2. You bought her daughter a car? No wonder she wants to hang out with you! What does your girlfriend think of all of this?
  3. I think that right now, you shouldn't worry about meeting someone new. This is a good time to learn how your life will be as a divorced man with an 8 month old. Get into your new routine and let it play out for a while. THEN you can think about meeting a new person. But get yourself in a good place first.
  4. It didn't work the first time. It is probably more a sign of comfort with you than anything else.
  5. It's awesome that you can do this for your child. Just remember that you two tried to have a relationship and things didn't end well. If she is in another relationship, you need to respect that and give her that space. But I totally agree that you and she can and should be friends for the sake of your child.
  6. If you want to love and be loved, you need to stop having these only-physical relationships. You've been meeting up with men who are already in relationships. Would you want someone to do that with your boyfriend? It kind of sounds like you need to take a break from sleeping with people and figure out what exactly is going on with YOU. Nobody want to buy a cow that gives its milk away freely.
  7. THIS. If these types of things are bothering you, you are NOT READY for a serious relationship. Yes, he is being a dumb teenaged boy. And you are being a typical teenaged girl.
  8. Well, you're 15. So there's that. Focus on school and friendships. He is acting like a normals 15 year old. You should too.
  9. You are SO not ready ready to live with him. You need to get yourself in a better place mentally. Anxiety is extremely hard to deal with--especially for people who don't have it. Things will not get better--only worse. You are not mentally stable enough to live with him right now.
  10. Unless you and your wife have some sort of agreement, stop sleeping around. You are married. And your wife told you that your affairs make her sad. Perhaps this is why there is no intimacy? COuld it be that your wife doesn't want to sleep with someone who is also sleeping with other people? Why do you keep doing that to her?
  11. You basically told her "I know I was a jerk, but you can still come around me and like my social media posts." What? She dumped YOU. Let her be.
  12. So you are not even talking in person? She is doing this purposely to get to you. Unfriend her. And quite contacting her.
  13. If your children have activities, then no, you don't attend. Your sisters will get over it. I also have two sisters. When they started having children, I often felt guilty for missing birthdays. And sometimes, they contributed to that. And then I remembered that I have my own life and I stopped feeling guilty. And they no longer held that power.
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