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    Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Partner's Page': Social Media Etiquette In Relationships

    Being in a relationship means your significant other has to trust you, and this does not exclude trusting you with the innocent browsing of social media. With countless other profiles readily available to compare with your own and engaging notifications designed to be an asset but often prove as an emotional distraction, it’s important to define certain boundaries when it comes to skimming through other people’s posts. Here are ten things to never do on facebook if you’re in a relationship.

    First up, don’t snoop. It’s tempting (and let’s face it, occasionally satisfying) to take a peak at your partner’s page without their knowledge. You may even learn something new about them, or potentially catch them in a lie. However any mystery will be quickly extinguished by way of feeling guilty, and could possibly lead to a full-scale argument. Furthermore, they may wonder what else you havebeen looking into without their permission, breaking the boundaries of trust that having a page provides.

    Second off, refrain from interacting with an ex. Commenting or liking an old flame’s post may be interpreted as an intimate gesture, even if completely unintentional. This could cause intense insecurity and hurt feelings. Sharing pictures with a former fling can be especially inappropriate; even if you aren’t directly tagging them, you are still presenting them as part of your current life, sending a message of familiarity that someone should not be getting if you are committed elsewhere.

    Third, do not post offensive or racy content on your wall. Even if the post is made in jest, a casual manipulation of the material may still be interpreted as insensitive and inappropriate. Let’s face it; no one wants to come across as a randy lad or saucy miss, especially if their significant other is lurking nearby. Posting tasteless stuff will not invite compliments or generate any laughter, so save yourself the trouble and just avoid it all together.

    Next, don’t create a false image. We all know that life is not perfect, so don’t even attempt to fool your partner into thinking it is. It’s understandable to want to impress them, and flaunt the reasons why they chose you in the first place, however flying drones around exotic islands or posing with expensive cars just won’t cut it. A false front is often mistaken as conceit or deceit, which may bludgeon your trustworthiness.

    Furthermore, never underestimate the power of transparency. It’s easy to turn off the comment section, ignore messages and post whatever you want however it paints an image of secrecy and manipulation. This unconcerned attitude may rub-off on your partner, who may develop a case of paranoia or feelings of unease about your online behavior. Constructive dialogue can get to the root of what’s truly worrying your partner, potentially heading off an impending argument.

    On another note, don’t overshadow your partner’s accomplishments. Though it’s flattering to be expressed and commended publicly, blindly bragging and boasting about your partner can have a diminishing effect. Being proud of them is great, yet avoid bringing attention to something they feel shy or uncomfortable about. It’s important to give your partner space to express themselves without fear of being overexposed or humiliated on social media.

    As well, do not monitor your partner’s activity. Checking-up on them incessantly is an obvious sign of distrust, and can provoke accidental resentment. Geographically surveiling or ‘jealous stalking’ their page not only aggravates the situation but also demonstrates extreme nerve-wreck. Do your best to relax, and let them know that you are capable and confident in your relationship.

    In a similar vain, never hack your partner’s account. Though it may be beneficial to go incognito once and a while, establishing a fake profile as a tactic for spying on your partner is malicious and intrusive. There’s no quicker way to tank the trust of your relationship than to engage in thief-like behavior. Cancel any impulses to ferret away passwords and conceal any fraudulent profiles.

    Last but not least, never forget to communicate outside the realm of social media. It’s easy to get stuck in the same day-to-day grind of scrolling, liking and posting without ever catching up on important topics or hashing out any juicy details in person. Keep social media fun, lighthearted, and mostly occasional; give your relationship the honest connection it needs while enjoying the convenience of staying in touch with your friends.

    Adopting these practices may put a strain on how you express yourself and present your relationship to the world, but keeping them in check will allow your bond to stay healthy and vibrant, impenetrable to petty squabbles. Following these guidelines on facebook is essential, as maintaining a positive outlook on social media is the key to any successful relationship.

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