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returning to college with questions


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Okay I know I will return at some point, and I'm remembering my 1st year orientation and how I really had no clue what to put as a major. I debated about Chemical Engineering but thought it might be too hard a program for me so I chose Music Education, which I thought would be more fun (okay it didn't have math and that's really why I choose it). My advisor eventually told me I was in the wrong field.


My dad was a Cival Engineer and I didn't think I was nearly as smart as him. I also knew it was a male dominated field and wasn't sure I was up to that kind of fight in addition to my studies. Later I saw an organization about Woman in Engineering, and I really wanted to join it but I wasn't one. LOL Maybe that was a clue I should have transferred. I also didn't think my parents would think it was good fit for me.


Now my family is telling me I was always the smart one and they're pretty much disappointed that I haven't amounted to anything. I do have an above average IQ, but consider myself average intelligence. My brother was the one in the extracurricular math program so I always thought of him as the smart one. In college I pretty much wanted to avoid math because I thought I could.


Now here I sit, wondering again what to major in. I was looking into Chemistry because I enjoyed it in highschool and got an A without having to work too hard at it, I guess not a lot of people liked chemistry. Since you can't do much with just a chemistry degree I again was looking into Chemical Engineering, but I still just don't know. All the Calc scares me and dad isn't here anymore to tutor me.


I'm also looking into Human Resource Management because that would get me into my hope corporate training.


So basically it's the same A or B and hope I succeed. Any advice?


Through this I've realized that Highschool is there to show us the options. I took everything from woodworking to Pre-Calc. I'm recalling what I was good at, and what I didn't like so much, so you think it would be easier to decide.


Okay really I have three fields I'm still considering. So what do I do? Just pick one and go?


Human Resource Management

Chemical Engineering

Medical Technology but it requires a background check and with a diagnosed metal illness (schizophernia) I think I'm out on that one. I'd have to find out for sure, but I like that over the chemical engineering field. At least via the classes, who really knows about the job.


Okay people how do I decide? Education is the answer for a successful life, in most cases. So I have to opt for something. Too bad I didn't do all this before, when my parents were paying and giving me the freedom I so long for now. If anything I'm a lesson to some readers out there.


Okay college students out there. How did you decide your major? What made you hone in on the field you choose? Any suggestions for me?

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I think you should try to decide on a combination of something that you do like, but are also good at.


You should also look for something that would allow you to have a job that fit your tendencies. For me, I lack continued focus, the ability to sit and concentrate on something for hours on end. But, I can also focus for a short time through almost anything and any kind of pressure. This affects how I work and should be considered when I pick work. You should think about this too.

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Engineering is definitely difficult - my boyfriend, and many friends (male and female) are engineers. But it IS doable! Chemical engineering is different of course than regular engineering, but I imagine still difficult...but again, doable!


Sweetie, my advice is to do what you really LOVE and WANT to do an feel good doing. Not going for something as you fear the work or whether you can will leave you regretting it in the end. Look more into whether you are "out" due to medical illness or not, don't not try because you "think" you are. Think about what you want to do, the environment you want to work in, and go for that.


And don't think it is too late. Just because you do it earlier in life does not mean you did what was right for you, or you are happy with how things ended up! Heck I went back to school as I was not..and yes it is HARD financially, emotionally and time-wise...but I am glad I did! I decided the field I returned too as it was where my heart was at, and I know where I want to go with it...

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I just looked up background checks and did e-mail the college to inquire. I think I'd be okay to pursue that major. I haven't commited any crimes or anything. I'll get a definate response from the college though.


I'm going to have to get a 2nd shift job now to do this. I'm actually getting excited.

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Hey Jetta,


The options you find interesting are quite different. I think that first of all, if you really ENJOY something (like the way you described chemistry), that is the best thing to choose. In any field, you will have a subject or two that you don't like or that you feel is quite difficult.


On the long term, what do you want as a career? What do you want OUT of your studies? I have known since I was very young that I wanted to do science/research. But I had little knowledge of what field, I first wanted to do medical science, but my love for language and the way that I pictured myself working with people (too empathizing, I'd take the problems home too much), made me switch. I studied linguistics (theoretical semantics/syntax) and I am now working on my PhD project. I am as happy as I imagined I can be, I am at 'home' where I work. So that is I think something that is quite important, certainly since your preferences are so diverse.


You are a smart woman, I am sure you can do calc and math topics if chemistry is what you are passionate about. If you see yourself teaching about music (because that is what music education is about I suppose?) than that is the best thing.


Basic point...




Take care,



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I never wanted to teach music. I just enjoy singing and my parents suggested the major because I'm musically inclined. Directing was kind of fun but I didn't click with the people and it just didn't feel like the right program for me. I was into Drama and Choir in highschool. I'm just trying to remember what I'm good at and what I halfway enjoyed.

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If you want to major in things that you are talented in, then i suggest you do some personality/assessments test to see what you should be in. Ask the advisor for more details. If he/she doesn't know, ask career councellor. Highschool chem is very deceptive. In my school, around 30% students fail chem courses, and they were all A students back in highschool.

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Good to know spirits.


I found out about the medical technology. They're looking for felony charges in the background check she said, so I'd be totally fine. woohoo! health stuff doesn't show up, yeah. It's not as bad as I was thinking. My caseworker kept telling me I could still purse things like nursing, etc. I just had to be sure. It scared one of my friends away (at least temporarily).

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