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So my girlfriend got a new job today, she and I are both very excited. I decided to go get her some flowers and a card to wish her good luck and give them to her when she picks me up from work. Is this to much considering that Valetines was last week? My coworkers seem to think so. But I feel I am just being supportive. She was really exicted about getting a new job. I just want to be supportive. But I dont want to smother her with gifts! I'm confused!

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I don't see it as smothering, unless you went really overboard with Valentine's Day stuff. There's nothing wrong with being supportive!


Instead of a big bouquet, maybe opt for a couple roses or carnations or whatever she likes. Two to three flowers with a card says Congrats! just as well as a huge bouquet does.


Good luck and Congrats to your gf!

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