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  1. awww thats very thoughtful of you and i think thats how she is going to see it every girl loves when their guy thinks of them don't worry about it just don't go overboard!
  2. hmm i think backing wayyyy off for a bit would be good that would show her that you respect her and her choices it will also show you are willing to learn from your mistakes after a while tho just strike up some friendly conversation even if you never get back together you dont want to lose a friend right? besides she may realize that you deserve a second chance! good luck ^^ also- i think she really does miss you but is trying to convince herself she doesnt to help herself feel better if i'm right she won't be able to keep it up forever
  3. well, hes apparently not TOO shy if you've picked up on so many hints
  4. awww thats kinda harsh on their part i wouldn't worry about it though friends always seem to be more harsh than other people
  5. well if you are POSITIVE that you love her and youse guys are willing to try again then maybe you should try about the new gf good luck with that its always hard to dump someone you are probably going to feel guilty no matter what but rest assured that you are doing the right thing because if you don't really love her then you aren't doing her a favor by continuing the relationship she will come to respect the fact that you ended it when you did hope all goes well ^^
  6. thats cool its always kinda awkward when the guy is shorter so i guess you don't have to worry about that! haha
  7. WOW lols thats pretty crazy what i recommend you do before even considering dumping this new gf is trying to remember exactly why you and your ex broke up before because chances are these same problems will come up again and you have to know ahead of time how you are going to deal with them or you might end up breaking up yet again also considering this long history of breaking up and getting back together are you sure its going to work this time? or are you just setting yourself up to be hurt again?
  8. hahaha are you tall or something?
  9. for me the first thing i notice about a guy's appearance is his height lol i like it when the guy is taller than me but seeing how as i'm 5'10"... it makes things a little hard for me haha the first thing about a guy's personality i notice is whether or not he can make me laugh i think a lot of girls like it when you can make them laugh i'm more interested in those things than what he is wearing unless of course its something that is so obviously not matching that i find it hard to look at him... lols i also agree with those who don't go for tight pants thats just weird
  10. what makes you doubt his intentions? i've never seen the two of you interact but from what you have said it definitely sounds like he's interested ;-) do you like him back?
  11. i agree with zxcvbnm if you keep it light he will most likely be very receptive then if he really enjoys himself he might make the next move for you!
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