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Grrrr Girl used me and played with the whole time

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Not only did she cheated but she fed me lies after lies and used me the whole time. She ditched me a week after I had sex with her for yet another inexperience guy. I found out she's been doing that for years. She only goes with virgin guys and once they give it away to her, she dumps them like they were yesterday's newpaper.


Right now I'm smash to pieces. I can't believe I have been saving myself for 21 years for this tramp to have dragged me all along and I didn't see any signs. She had a great personality, I never suspected she only wanted my virginity while I stupidly fell in love. I don't think I'm ever gonna get over that. Are there really girls sooo cruel as her? If WHY do they do that, WHY?

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Well, you're lucky because now you know to wait for at least several months if not longer before having sex so that you can see if the feet match the lips over time - if what she does is consistent with what she says, over a period of time. She didn't make you sleep with her - you chose to - she didn't make you fall in love quickly -that was your choice too. Of course it was wrong of her to lie but my guess was that if you had waited to sleep with her for 6 months, the infatuation would have faded and you would have learned more about who she really was. And, if she was just out for sex, she wouldn't have stuck around for 6 months is my guess.

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Hello piscis fishes,


First let me say how sorry I am to hear that you were used. I hear ya bro'.


You might meet more people like that through life, I am sad to say. I bet a whole bunch of people here can relate to you also, so stick around for awhile with us.


I know it is so much worse when it is on such a personal level, you feel used in every way, and that's alright to feel that way for awhile.


I think that is the way most people would feel in a situation like this.


At least you found out sooner rather than later my friend, think of that, if it's any comfort. But I wouldn't bother stewing about vengeance, that just makes it worse.


Peace, and best wishes, guy You'll find sympathy, comfort, shelter and some great advice here, wait and see.



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If you did that you might have short term satisfaction but in the long term - people would see you as a gossip, would see how you were willing to stoop to her level, and you would end up feeling badly about yourself, too. That could affect your chances to date women of integrity if they know you did that as "revenge."


It took two - you decided to sleep with her - she didn't force you - move on and learn for next time. It's always a risk getting involved with someone and you probably chose to ignore the signs because you wanted to get sexual experience.

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I don't think I'm ever gonna get over that.


Yes you will, when you fall in love again you'll forget about her. You'll find a better girl than she was.


And since you already had sex, you can't erase that, so feel free to at least be happy you've tried that!


Oh, yes this happens a lot, even more to girls! So nothing weird in that, really.

Take it as an experience you learned from.


No use in getting back to her....

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Sorry to hear this.


You may have gotten involved with someone with some serious anger and issues towards men in general.

Yes, it happens. To men and women.


You called her a 'Grrr' girl and 'Grrr' means 'mad'.


Please don't do anything silly out of anger. Then she has managed to spread herself onto you. Not something you want for yourself in the long run!

You do not want to turn into the male version of her, do you?


Find a healthy outlet for the (understandable) anger and dissappointment you feel right now. Posting here is good.

Vengeance is not so good.


I'm sure many of us here could offer mucho positive spin to this experience.

It CAN be a positive experience if you choose to learn from it.

All those 'signs' you so easily looked over - you can look at yourself honestly and find out why.

And not do it again in the future.


As far as 'waiting 21 years to give away your virginity' - you are joking right?!

Unless you were a super early maturer ...what, you saved yourself for maybe a handful or two of years.

I think you can reconcile that!

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four words: get used to it.


Its this sort of attachment to things that ends up getting people so frustrated, angry, annoyed, anxious, hurt, pissed or any other feeling of "someone having pushed our buttons". Let go dude. I can only laugh at myself now because I was the same way and then I'd take my pemped up anger and hostility out on undeserving women or friends. So its best to let go and not care about anything a girl does. That isn't cool and "not caring" doesn't mean you're not compassionate or capable of loving someone else, its that you don't need their love to love them back. Because if you do, I guarantee you'll with-hold it the second they with-hold it from you.

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