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  1. I used to love Spiderman and the Hulk and the times they fought each other and with each other against a common foe. Also, I really liked the Fantastic 4, and have been meaning to see the last movie. Thanks Soulhi Jeffr
  2. I saw the movie and had to read the comic books. I liked Spawn the movie better than Batman 1. Thanks everyone. Jeffr
  3. Hi HeavyB, I guess I must be getting old because I haven't heard of any of those titles. lol You know, I really can't afford comics anymore, and just check out the ones at the library. (I guess I look kind of foolish sitting there, 45 yo with a comic book. Gosh, you're first post, I'm touched. Thanks buddy, and welcome to ENA. Jeffr
  4. image removed Hi TANKG!RL, I have never seen that comic, but I have been out of the comicbook world for some time. lol Jeffr
  5. Oh yeah, online comics count for sure. I like some of the comic book character based video games too, like Hulk and Spiderman. Thanks for your posts Grapefruit and everyone so far. Jeff
  6. Thanks Happy, that is an awesome title list. (Something tells me you and Spugly have a lot in common. lol) I remember the "Sandman" from the DC golden age. Thanks for your post. Jeff
  7. Some of those comic books can have some pretty advanced concepts, especially nowadays. I think they also spawned a love of science in me. I love robots and other far out stuff... And spent 5 years as an automation engineer designing and building them. A vivid imagination is an asset to so many careers. Thank you for the memories too Berysy. Jeff
  8. I think I learned to read, a good deal from comic books. Kids are more likely to read something they like. Thanks Berysy. Jeff
  9. Oh... well, at least they had each other... I wish I still had all the books and comics I had as a kid. Not just cause they would be worth money... ... I miss 'em. Jeff
  10. "The Velveteen Rabbit" that does sound a little familiar... They must have made a couple thousand of em. What did this Rabbit do? Any relation to the Ovaltine Bunny?
  11. Yeah, I'm about ready to do a search. Hey, anybody out there in ENA land.... image removed ^ Have you seen this man? What was Jughead's girlfriend's name? Did you like Little Golden Books Berysy?
  12. Reggie always did seem to get more attention. He was slick as greasy kid stuff. But, even Jughead had a girl.... (Uh. Gertrude or something.) Remember her, she would invite "Juggy" over for a plate of hamburgers. Jeff
  13. Well, wasn't there that one girl, (kinda looked a little like Jughead himself)? I think she was always taking cooking lessons.
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