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Big Mouthful..lol..sorry wanted catchy title!

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So I was talking to one of my girlfriends a few days ago and I thought maybe I could get some advice from this forum.


And no , sadly, this isnt about Broken..I havent had sexual interaction since my breakup


Okay so here goes..my friend has been dating a guy for some time...they dont use condoms...anyhow the past 5-6 times theyve had sex he has stipped having intercourse with her and had her finish him off with a blowjob.


My friend is cool with this but getting kind of annoyed....as if he did this occasionally it would be kind of a sexy/dirty thing to do but with it being every time its tiring to her. Theyll have sex for awhile, shes all cummed out and then she has to fellate someone for another 5-10 minutes.


He has two small children from a previous relationship..and that woman has been giving him issues lately..do you think he is somehow making sure she doesnt get pregnant?

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He has two small children from a previous relationship..and that woman has been giving him issues lately..do you think he is somehow making sure she doesnt get pregnant?

I tend to think he's just being inconsiderate and selfish. If he was trying to ensure she doesn't get pregnant, wouldn't he just take care of contraception for himself?

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Used condoms in the beginning, but she like most women has been on the pill for many years and they stopped using condoms once they were exclusive.


It isnt that theres any issues with blowjobs, its more why would he feel a need to stop sex and get a blowjob everytime they have sex. I should mention he will pleasure her orally or digitally while this happens. Ive never had a guy do this (stop sex and go back to oral) so i didnt know what to say to her.

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I've also never experienced this behaviour myself so I'm not really sure what to make of it exactly. It might just be that he finds oral sex particularly sexually satisfying. What I mean by saying that he's being a little selfish and inconsiderate is that he doesn't seem to have any concern for her sexual needs, but perhaps he simply hasn't realised how much this bothers her and she needs to communicate this to him. If he doesn't feel the need to prevent pregnancy using condoms (because she's taking the pill), why does he feel the need to prevent pregnancy through withdrawal?

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So its just like anything else then? Someone finding a position they love and want to keep doin over and over or whatever...


Daywalker, or any other guys...I suggested that maybe next time they have sex if he makes amove to...dismount she should say "MMM I want you to cum in me" to make that appealing. Do you think that would be good or as a guy would it blow the ego (no pun intended)

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If it's really starting to be a pattern where EVERY time he does this, then your suggestion is quite brilliant. A woman purring into a man's ear that she wants to feel him cum inside her will probably make him stay for the duration. Find out what she means by every time though. For example, three times is not every time, it's just something he found that he likes doing.


I really don't think he's being selfish in this, he is just very turned on by it, and because she hasn't said anything I guarantee he thinks she is too. The fact that he diddles her while she is blowing him really points to this.

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