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  1. I guess I'm all good then. I haven't had alcohol, cigarettes, garlic, onions, asparagus is over 10 years time. No coffee or fried food (other than an occasional french fries order) either. I guess I must taste good though I wouldn't try to taste it. And I can't ask my woman because she can't compare it to me when I was eating those food way baack when. Hmmmm. I once tried that with a vagina with an ex. Put chocolate syrup in there and whipped cream. Was kind of fun but got old.
  2. You can always threaten court if he doesn't return those things. Keep talking here about it, through email and pm, through freidns and family. Whatever you have to do, do it. Do u think he is an addict to since he is with one?
  3. Don't forget fried food as well. I heard that affects the odor as well. I believe all this stuff applies to the taste as well (for both men and women). Correct me if I am incorrect but I seem to remember reading that.
  4. I always say sex dies down while in a relationship. And almost always, the other person feels rejected/hurt by it. Like if he used to always hold your hand and kiss you, but then just stopped feeling like doing that, wouldn't you be hurt by it? It's the same type of hurt. I'm sure he'll call u. You have gone through a lot together. But don't just say you will do something (for him as well), you have to follow through and keep following through. If not, then it's just all talk. You know?
  5. I have told her I don't want to and she accepts it. It's usually not "mood" per se but more like I'm hurting from an injury from sports or working out so sex is tougher at that time. I think his thing is that they used to have it all the time as she said and now they don't, so he's like "hey what happened" and feels rejected, which is natural. I'm glad she is gonna try to initiate more. He also needs to stop his leaving tantrums. He can be upset without leaving and coming back.
  6. Could be the age thing. Could be they connected. Could be the sex. Could be the relationship they have. Could be so many things. If she is a user, are you sure he isn't one as well? If you didn't cheat then you don't deserve to be cheated on. I know it's hard now but you dno't want to be around that type of person. It will only hurt you more later on. You don't need that. If you need to talk, talk with friends, talk with family, post on here, email/pm people, or even a therapist if you have to. Do whatever you need to do to get through but you will see it's better you are without a guy who cheats on you like that.
  7. Well the OP did say a long term relationship so this is stuff I would know. Like I said, I always ask how many and details. I also give my own. If I found out right off the bat, then I don't think it would bother me but I can't answer as this is specific to other things. I do think many women would be shocked if their guy told them they had been with another guy. Would probably get the "i didn't know you were gay/bi" reaction. Not everyone but I'm positive many would. Now that I think about it, I actually remember a couple where this happened. He never told her because he had been hiding it (in the closet) for so long. She freaked out wow lol.
  8. I wouldn't. But the OP was talking about finding this out after being with them for a long time. This is all stuff I know off the bat so if I got surprised like that, then it would be lying. And that is just wrong.
  9. To email, click the person's user name, another window opens. You can private message or email from there. See that?
  10. I definitely don't think it's wrong. I guess it comes to personal opinion. There are things I think I am entitled to know like: a) How many partners b) How many of them were one night stands/versus relationships c) why broke up d) past drug use e) ever pregnant (has kids or abortions) f) ever abused g) arrested lol. and so forth. For me, it's part of knowing a person and many of this stuff shapes how I see them and what kind of person they are.
  11. Always comes from nowhere. And the temper WILL come back unless you do something about it (therapy perhaps?)
  12. I like to know because I just want to know who I am with. It tells me a lot of info. If she has never had a relationship last over 1 month because she becomes psycho, abusive or too clingy, it's something I want to know. Just an example.
  13. I am sorry for your father as well. That sounds very rough. You have my condolescences for that. In terms of the relationship, it sounds like the whole overbearing thing made him very hurt and resentful. Sure there is always hope but don't force him into it. Give him the space he asked for. In the meantime, address the whole situation where you explode on him. THat is not healthy for you or anyone else.
  14. Well said umm Q (no way I'm typing that screename out) lol.
  15. Oh of course they can. But if she has feelings for him (which she does) and he is telling her he likes her too (while still dating someone else), it's gonna be awkward no?
  16. When it comes to feelings, it's very hard. People always say (and I agree with it) when you are friends with someone and it leads to being with them or sex or whatnot, the friendship is almost always dead. So if the friendship means more to you than that, then you need to keep em separate. When men and women are close friends, those thought will pop up eventually but you kinda just got to brush them off. If he is keeping both of you nearby for him to decide, then you really have to set boundaries so the friendship lasts. Tell him, he is with her, so you guys can't go stuff and should just be friends. After that, whatever happens in the future happens in the future.
  17. But if he has been saying this the whole time, it would be unfair to expect someone to change. It's like marrying a cop and then later on, asking him to quit because you dont like he is a cop. I asked about the parents to try to see why he might not want marriage ever. It might just be a personal choice. He might later change his mind. Who knows. Enjoy what you have though.
  18. Hmmm interesting. Maybe he only does the 69 oral because he is getting it too so he isnt dwelling on the odor or even thinking about it. That is all I can think of. I think you are doing the right things though like what was said earlier.
  19. That is the norm though. Men ask out women all the time out of nowhere. I don't like it but I would be foolish not to admit that it happens all the time. Gender shouldn't come into it. I agree but it DOES. There are woman who won't go out with a guy unless he asks. Who won't marry a guy unless he asks. I'm not talking about a few. I'm talking about many. I would even say most. yes some men do and there is nothing wrong with that. other than to people who obviously are ashamed because they have been around.
  20. I agree with Melrich. Don't push it. Agree to the dinner since he brought it up. But don't go and push him. he admitted he is still stressed out. Also, you might need to get the temper thing in check somehow, whether it be in therapy or whatever. That type of thing won't end until you stop it.
  21. As Dako said, in today's age with all the diseases out there, it's best to know. Getting tested isn't a bad idea either. I don't think it's wrong to want to know your partner's history. In fact everything about them. What if they turned psycho, was a cheater etc.. ALL Important info.
  22. Don't email him. You didn't tell him when he asked you out so get out there and do it face to face. Sooner the better, I think.
  23. I'm not sure what you want help with her. Obviously you need to tell him you are with your b/f. You don't need the drama of him asking again (even though he might have taken your turn down as a rejection anyway). But if he still think it's there, you need to stop it before he REALLY get persistent.
  24. I know it hurts. I have been with the same person for even longer and I have been through a "break up" patch as well. At the same time, isn't this a blessing since he was constantly cheating on you? I mean unless you were cheating as well, no one deserves to be lied to and cheated on.
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