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Do you take compliments well?

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Yesterday, was my birthday and i was out to dinner with my bf. He told me that I looked hot. and I kinda just said, thanks. And he told me that I dont' take compliments well. And I guess to him it appear like I was saying, " ha thanks". or something. I don't wanna appear like rude, when people say things to me or cocky. Or maybe is just my ex never told me anything. So i'm kinda not used to it.Is there like a certain way, i'm suppose to act like when i'm given compliments? Like, besides thanks, ask why? how do you respond when your bf/gf tells you things.

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lol...this makes me giggle. my boyfriend never compliments me...which i'm not really used to. especially cause i'm compliment all the time - that is because genuinely i think he is the hottest thing i have ever seen...but that's another topic. the sweetest thing he ever said to me: "ya know, i know you think you have no bum - but i think it's not bad."


i guess that's not the SWEETEST thing he's ever said to me, but it's pretty funny. I'll use an example of what I would say:


Boy: "you look really beautiful tonight"

Me: "Aw thanks, your such a sweetheart" or "Thanks, you look good too" or "Thank you, I wans't sure if this outfit was going to go"..etc.


Things I try not to say


Boy: "You look really good tonight"

Me: "I Know right?" or "No I don't...i've gained like 3 pounds and you can totally tell" ör "ya..but everyone is still wondering why i'm sitting with such a hot guy"

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When me and my girlfriend tell eachother stuff like "You're so beautiful/gorgeous/adorable/cute" we usually do a cute little hiding thing which only further proves the cuteness ^_^

That's usually when we're lying together or something.

But ofcourse, we also do that annoying (to watch) thing with the whole "No you are" "no, you!" thing that only stops when you kiss.

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I definitely can't take a compliment. I usually don't say anything at all and make the sort of face that someone would make if they were blushing (only because I'm not a blusher). My manager loves to put me into awkward situations like that by complimenting everything that I do (and okay, my work does deserve to be complimented!) and watching me clam up. Most of my friends have learned to say just the opposite and scold me jokingly as a way of complimenting me, because I take that better than I do a straightforward compliment.


From what I hear though, we're all just supposed to smile and say "Thanks!"

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For all my glibness, I don't take compliments too well. Fortunately, the last one I got was, "It's a boy!"


Come to think of it, that wasn't a compliment at all...


But yeah, I'm more comfortable giving than receiving. Maybe I can pick up a few pointers on how best to react as this thread progresses.

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To the people who hate being complimented:

Do you think that people who don't take compliments well, it's because they don't believe the compliment? I like receiving compliments but only if I believe the person giving it - otherwise it's just awkward I think. However in either case I don't think I react well - even if I feel good about it, I always just give a brief "thanks" or something.


For example, if someone says, "You're beautiful", and you don't really believe you are, then you're not going to take it to heart and go, "Wow, really? Me? Beautiful?". But if you have a hobby, like photography, and someone points out some particularly good ones (by your standards) you took, and says, "They are excellent photos", then you will feel good about it...


And by the same logic, she must hate when I compliment her! I am absolutely useless at sounding genuine, even though I am being genuine!

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