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  1. And another thing we don't know the context of the question. If he had asked, "How do you get your girlfriend in the mood for sex/turn her on" it would be considered a perfectly respectable question, and yet this could be what he meant (judging by the phrasing of it)
  2. I have no idea of the answer to the question but I would help you if I could. First of all the people saying, "a girl will sleep with you if she is attracted to you, there's nothing you can do to change that" are being a little naive. It's well known that some guys have a lot better luck with girls than others. And it's not through sheer luck. They are doing something that gets them laid. You can do certain things/act/look certain ways that can make a girl more attracted or less attracted to you. And to the people flaming the question, lighten up! Questions on here asking people's opinions on casual sex are usually treated with mature debate. Yet when someone asks how he goes about getting casual sex, he gets given hell by everyone... It's a perfectly valid question. My only input is that you need practice and have to be prepared for plenty of rejection!
  3. Only if you're a woman! And I don't know how anyone can say bricklayers are stupid! They were the only ones smart enough to figure out how to make a fortune out of playing with lego!
  4. Also I'll add this: I think it's important to know your partner well before getting married. Until you have sex that is a whole aspect of your partner you don't know. What if it turns out they never want to have sex and you do? Or they are not willing to do the things you want to? That's a big thing...
  5. I know lots of religious people (particularly Catholic), but not one of them hold on to every single principle of the Catholic faith, which IMHO makes them not Catholic at all and just "generic Christian"... but they call themselves Catholics anyway. IMHO, even if you agree Jesus existed and He was the Son of God and so on, it's very difficult to believe that what He wanted us to do is the exact same as what the church leaders of today are telling us what He wanted us to do. The Catholics I speak of stick to the tenet of just "treat others like you would have them treat you". For the most part. But all this has a point. I think religion has ruined sex. Well not quite, I mean it has generated a taboo which makes it a bit more exciting maybe. (I mean it wouldn't be nearly as good to see a pair of boobs, if women were allowed to walk around everywhere topless!). But even the term "losing your virginity" has made sex seem bad - like you are giving up, or losing a part of yourself if you have sex. I don't believe this to be the case. And do we know that Jesus disapproved of sex? I mean I'm no scholar of the Bible, but is that in there? And if so, do we know it was always in there? I mean who knows what kind of stuff has been made up in the last few millennia and slipped in there? If you are the type of Christian to follow the "Be good to others" then IMHO you should have all the sex you want (assuming you can find consenting partners). If you are the type to strictly follow, word for word, the teachings of Catholicism or Protestantism or whatever, then... How do you know you have the right one? More than likely you were born into the religion, which means the particular set of rules you're following are a result of who your parents, teachers and priests are, not through any choice of your own... and even if you did chose it, did you go out and do the research to make sure it's correct? Do you know if any of them are even correct? BTW I didn't wait till marriage and have no regrets about that.
  6. Glad to see you're still with us! Hey speak for yourself, I define who I am myself! Money and materialism don't define me!
  7. She likes it! And hard too! At first I didn't hit her hard enough (I didn't want to hurt her) and she was complaining and accusing me of being a wousse... (jokingly of course).. It took me a while to bring myself to spank her as hard as I could...
  8. Is there any difference between this and doing it in total darkness?
  9. You are just discovering the contradiction between religion and "real life"... What doctors say is healthy and is healthy, is not necessarily what is OK according to religion. I am not going to get into a debate whether religion is right or not here (although it isn't ) because people simply don't back down when their religion is in question. i.e. the nature of religion is that you follow it despite evidence to the contrary. What I'll say is this though. If you are Christian then you follow the Bible. Now the Speaker that was talking to you is contradicting the Bible... It's up to you who to believe, or to make up your mind which is correct. Religious leaders often complain about "รก la carte Christians" (i.e. ones that pick and choose which rules they want to follow), but the fact that there is more than one Christian faith means that followers have no other choice. I mean there's no way for you to know that Catholicism is right and Protestantism is wrong, or vice versa, or that your Speaker the right interpretation of the Bible. No matter how much of an expert in Theology he is, there's probably another expert who has a differing opinion. So how are you supposed to know who is right? I would say read the Bible, and decide for yourself what you think Jesus or God would think. I'd even argue to put more emphasis on the New Testament since Christians follow Christ! (hence the name) One more thing, (syrix): Please don't bring paedophiles into this! OK there are a few paedophile priests but most aren't. And you deciding not to heed a priest's advice solely on the grounds that there are paedophile priests is an accusation against that particular priest that he's a paedophile! You are saying, "Why should I listen to you? You're a paedophile!" Not "Why should I listen to you? Someone in the same profession as you is a paedophile!"
  10. No it isn't! I would wager way less men who go there care about the attention! However if a woman goes there and is treated very well she might decide it's not all bad and not only decide herself to go again but be less likely to object to her boyfriend going... This conversation is unlikely to happen: Group of guys: "Let's go to Hooters!" One guy: "I don't know, the service isn't the best"
  11. By the way, the equation of a parabola is now just going to make me think of sex!
  12. Maybe daywalker and dreynolds can tell us if it worked for them? I suffer from the same problem and tried the advice given for 2 days in a row... What I found was: Day 1 - normal... after a few "reps", perhaps due to indiscipline when I got to the "point of no return" it really was the point of no return and I couldn't hold it in... However I did manage to only cum a little, enough to keep an erection going while I "cool off". then went back to doing it. However, the porn had to be that bit more hard-core this time before I could get to the same point... Soon enough, same story, I was at the brink, cool off for 20 seconds do it again. It was more difficult this time. However once again I did cum a little eventually (it's hard to push yourself as far as possible without going over). Anyway, now even more work was required to maintain an erection and bring myself close to orgasm. I had to keep rewinding the porn to bits I especially liked. Day 2: Took a lot longer to come close to cumming! Thought this was a good thing. Soon the same thing as the night before happened. I find it difficult to know the precise point at which to stop and cool off. Sometimes it feels like you could go a little longer but then it's too late. Day 3: Sex with my girlfriend. DISASTER! I have difficulty in maintaining an erection, which needless to say is bad for her too! She gives me a bit of a bj which gets it up quick-smart... But usually just the anticipation of sex is enough! Several days later: (today) for the last few days I haven't really felt like sex at all... my girlfriend was saying on the phone how it was a pity we wouldn't get to have sex yesterday (other commitments) but I was secretly a little relieved, as I wasn't sure I was "up" for it... Today though I seem to be back to normal, I woke up with the usual lust for her.
  13. I'd known her for a few years before we started going out, but a long time before we got together, we were having a conversation about coffee (which I happen to like quite a bit). Soon after we started going out, she turned up on my doorstep with a gift of a selection of different kinds of coffee! She was embarrassed at the time and still dismisses when I tell her what a great gift it was, but when it comes to presents, I am definitely one of those "thought that counts" kind of people...
  14. Oops, maybe I should have put more on the "organised" part of the word "organised religion"... Read the Bible and you'd think Jesus was all about peace, mercy, charity, forgiveness, acceptance, love for one's neighbour, but fast forward a millennium and a half and what do you see? Wars, crusades, people burning each other, prejudice, persecution, elitism, nationalism... So sorry if my post seemed like an insult to Islam, it wasn't meant that way. It's probably because it's so peaceful and proper that it causes such harm. Same with Christianity - because it preaches niceness and such good values, that it gains popular support - you want to convert someone to Christian you tell them all about Jesus' good works, you don't tell them about Holy Wars and violence and bigotry. But once it gains that popular support, the authorities can use that support to their own ends. I very much doubt every Muslim has read and analysed the Koran, so if the religious leaders say, "Well Allah wants to do this", then that's enough. This is the main thing I have against organised religion - it's inherent inability to accept challenge (by which I mean if every Muslim did read and analyse the Koran, there'd be a problem for the leaders). I mean does it really say that if a woman wants to drive, she must have a male family member or husband with her?
  15. I think the point was that there is nothing legally requiring her to stay with her parents. She could go off and make her own life and there would be nothing they can do to stop her. (And a lot of family structures boast ignorance before common sense and understanding themselves, as Lovehurtz's seems to do.) However the problem in this case seems to be that she would be shooting herself in the foot with regard to the college thing, so my advice would be to wait until she is done with college and make her own life then. But to be honest I am not a big fan of organised religion, but I do believe the commandment requiring you to "Honour your father and mother" assumes that your father and mother love you... And I know very little about Muslim culture and religion. But the more I hear about "Honour killings", arranged marriages, and the general abuse of women, the less I like it. What the hell is a "Woman's room"? It sounds pretty chilling...
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