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a good workout?

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anyone know of a good workout, without any instruments? i have a treadmill, and one of those stretchy cords with the handles on it... but nothing else, and i'm broke, so i can't afford anything else (nor save for it, until after february).


and also, any good workout music? generally, i like dance and techno music, and sometimes quick classical music... have any specific suggestions? i'd love some input, and something a little different.


i'm just trying to fix my weight issue, as everything else in my life i have no control over... maybe this will help me gain control over the things i feel so helpless about.





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the best thing you can do to lose weight is walking. A long, even paced walk will shred more body fat than any quick intense workout. If you want to better your cardio as well, try walking for a few minutes then run for a minute or two. I do this when I go fishing just for kicks, Ill hike miles to my fishing holes and Ill run for 2 minutes, then walk for 2 run walk.. its great excersize and not so brutal that you will be hosed in no time.


That said, theres plenty of other strength building routines you can do as well. Mix it up, if you always just run, or walk or dance youll get sick of it. Walk up and down your stairs, do situps, pushups, dips using two chairs... you dont need a gym to get a complete workout.

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iPod? Pssssht, I said I'm broke (lol). Seriously, I only have a CD player, and it's good for not skipping, but after a while it might start since I'm bouncing around.


haha in Philly, there are alot of places to walk/run, but there aren't too many without the high percentage of getting shot (well, not in my area). Plus, most of my friends are the indoors type, and i'm not allowed to have anyone over.


so, about 80 minutes on a CD, and i'm running solo. so... yeah, i've already started with the crunches (i think they're fun, actually), i'm working on push-ups to rid me of the arm flab, and i'd like to walk home from school, but as i've said.. it's not safe, especially not at night.


so, i'll try the treadmill and the basic exercises for now.



oh, and i meant to ask... a lot of my friends are on the wrestling team, and the coach makes them (beginning) run up and down the stairs (3 floors-- 6 flights) 5 times. now, they're doing it 30 times, and they're running. can this improve my stamina, too?


thanks again

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My diet isn't too reasonable (Issues that are rather unexplainable, I'd rather not get into it).


I'm trying hard though, and with my diet restrictions, I'm trying to get through with salad (tomatoes, lettuce, cucmber, and usually lemon juice instead of vinegar/oil) i try to get wheat and grain at breakfast.. I don't eat any poultry or fish-- no type of meat at all.


I don't have a bike.

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Well, I'm cool, because I don't like salad dressings. I usually use lemon juice, as I've said (real lemons and the only time I use vinegar/oil is when I'm at my boyfriends, and his mom makes it. Generally, it's a small amount, otherwise, I'd get sick, anyway.


How do I get protein if I don't eat meat? I don't know about them magic pills they have.. and please, please don't suggest the protien "just-add-milk-or-water" powder stuff from GNC. I can't keep it down. One can only eat so much peanut butter, too...


That's the only issue, I guess-- I really like French Fries (practically all I eat) and I don't get protein.

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iPod? Pssssht, I said I'm broke (lol). Seriously, I only have a CD player, and it's good for not skipping, but after a while it might start since I'm bouncing around.


Don't worry. I don't have any of those fancy contraptions either. I'm stuck back in the days of cd's like you.

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do push ups for triceps, shoudlers,chest

sit ups for good abs and core muscles

stretch ur muscles to prevent injuries and increase general health

push ups and sit ups will do ur upperbody until u can get weights.


Those are all great suggestions, and basically things you can do at home.


I do 31 sit-ups in the morning, and 31 before bed.. Have been doing that for years.


But none of those things will help you lose weight. For that, some kind of regular cardio is required.

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