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  1. I think if you are really interesting in finding someone you would be looking.
  2. I suppose that is true, but some realities are hard to ignore, such as snow and darkness at 5:30pm. I guess there are some things you can do in the winter, like skiing, that are fun. Christmas time is also great. Anyway, you live in Orange County. Does it get cold there?
  3. Actually, Summer is just beginning. It is my favorite time of the year. The older I get, the more I dislike the winter. I like the long Summer days and hate the darkness and cold.
  4. I'm a nice guy. You can trust me on that. Congratulations, you found a nice guy.
  5. When I like a girl, I say "la la la la".
  6. I didn't see a threat in any of the posts.
  7. I would stay in North Carolina if it was me.
  8. Probably, people get exercised when animals are abused because they think that animals are allot cuter than kids.
  9. I think that most women would like to stay home with their kids. The question is weather or not you can afford to. It sounds like your former boyfriend had enough income to afford that luxury. Maybe it depends on the guy. I would not mind if I was in his situation and am not looking for someone who is exceedingly wealthy.
  10. I know it has been posted before, but this guy is definitely abusing your dog. This is why your dog is snarling at you. It is a bad situation, and I think you need to leave. Also, I really like the response from "trash mail". I remember one time a guy who went to court for abusing a dog. When he cam out, the animal rights people were there to scream at him. Would the same thing happen if he abused a child? Probably not.
  11. I didn't mean that he should tell her parents where to go. What I meant was that his parents will eventually have to accept whoever he goes out with.
  12. I realize that it is usually the guys responsibility to ask out a girl for a date. My question is this. Sometimes, I will meet a girl for a brief time and don't know what to do. For example, I went to a local bookstore to conduct some business and ended up talking to this girl who was my age, very attractive, single, and nice. The problem is that I was only there to drop off a form and didn't have much time. I would maybe like to ask her out, but I feel like I need to talk to her and get to know her first. Would it be appropriate to ask someone out after just one minute of conversation? Any advice?
  13. His parents sound unreasonable to me. If he is not receiving financial support from them, I would think he could just tell them that he will continue to see you.
  14. The article is completely unimportant. Does it really matter if a man fantasizes about someone else? I'm not sure what the point of the article was. It's probably something like "Beware of having sex with men". It mentions at first difference between the way men and women view sex, then the rest is male bashing. It is not worth all these responses.
  15. I think you should tell her. You will have to tell her eventually. I don't think it will be that big of a problem. There is another issue that I didn't see expressed here (well, maybe it was in that giant post by valiantv, I didn't read the whole post). Are you going to be comfortable with the fact that she has been with other guys?
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