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potential for a second date?

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So, went on a date last night with a guy who seemed nice and who I seemed to hit it off with. I'm not sure though, as I'm a bit shy, don't really elaborate on my responses very much, and he pretty much goes on and on. I'm thinking maybe I didn't give him enough sense of my depth. But at the same time there didn't really seem to be any awkward moments (except when I didn't get a few of his jokes). All in all, a good evening. However when I walked him home all he said to me was "thanks.. so i guess i'll see you around then".. Should I take that to mean he's not interested? I'm a bit fragile right now and I don't want to risk asking him out again and facing rejection Any thoughts? Should I just give it a few days?

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I don't know, it depends on the guy.


But usually, if a guy really likes you he'll say, "I had a great time." or "We should go ________" or "I'll call you."


"I'll see you around." is just too vague.


But, he could have been trying to play it cool to make himself look better or he wasn't sure how he felt about you.


You should give it a week and if he doesn't call you you can either give it up or give him a call and ask him out. Your pick- I say, what do you have to lose? Might as well give it another shot.

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Just wait a little while. If you haven't heard from him soon, then call him. If he does not want to go out, you have your answer.


Until then, son't worry about what he thinks, until you know what he thinks. Also, I read once that someone's opinion of you is just that, their opinion.


So, even if he does not get back with you, I know someone will...

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There's really no rhyme or reason. I've had guys say nothing and then call, guys make a second date with me and never follow up and everything in between. If you asked him out for the first date there is a greater chance that he went even if he wasn't seriously interested in you (since he did not ask you) and I would not ask him out a second time. Also, since you asked him out, did you pay for you and for him? Also, how did he know that you would get home safely? Did he ask you how you were getting home?

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I didn't ask him out, he found me on a dating site and msg'd me asking me out. I didn't pay for anything, we went to a play that was free and he paid for the cab (8 bucks).


You wrote that you didn't want to ask him out "again" which is why I assumed you had done the asking. It sounds like you didn't have much time to talk if all you did was go to a play.

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