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Do I look like a kid to people?

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I have a rant about my clinical today. Today my clinical teacher wanted me to help her do yard duty, which required me to go and watch the kids when they were outside for lunch. She was out there too, but had to go and get a phone call. So she asked me to line the kids up and bring them in when recess was over. Bell rang and I had to herd the kids together. They were hyper and didnt want to get in line. There were other teachers out there too, teachers I dont know that well. I go and herd the kids in line. They dont listen and still run around. One of the teachers, not sure which grade, comes over and yells at them, and AT ME AS WELL. Apparently, he thinks I am one of them and tells me to get in line. WHAT THE H**L!!!!!!!!! He makes me look bad in front of the kindergarteners. Luckily one of the teachers told him that I was the student teacher. He didnt even APOLOGIZE. What a jerk. I told my teacher about it and she said not to worry, that he was the 3rd grade teacher and was a bit weird.


I wasnt dressed like a kid or anything. I had on a nice top and a pair of khakis and nice shoes. This is one reason why I hate looking like a kid.


Sorry for the rant. I am still VERY steamed about the whole thing.

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That teacher should definitely have apologized; he's probably one of those people who just slinks away from an awkward or uncomfortable moment instead of taking ownership and responsibility for it, though. He also might not realize that it upset you...some people think that being mistaken for someone younger-looking is a compliment.


HOWEVER...I completely understand what you're feeling...I am about 4'10" and have a really young-looking face, and I was at an elementary school the other day taking pictures of a first grade program for my job. When it was over, I was walking outside and got stuck in a crowd of exiting first-graders, and one of the teachers tapped me on the shoulder and asked which class I was supposed to be lined up with. Grrrr!!! Don't people realize that someone who is dressed in nice work clothes (as I was and you were), is probably *not*, in fact, in elementary school?


I know they don't mean it, but it comes off as patronizing, doesn't it?!

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I know I seem to complain a lot about being small, but instances like that really make me want to chew nails. And the guy was jerkish enough NOT to apologize.


It also makes me look bad to the kindergarteners and to the other kids, kind of like lack of respect for me. Like, how are these kids suppose to respect and LISTEN to me, if other adults dont even treat me like an adult.


Should I just swallow this and let it go, or complain about it? I hope when I DO become a teacher, this doesnt happen to me.


Actually, after the incident, I felt like running to the bathroom and crying.

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I was just a bit peeved when it happened. That is one of the reasons why I get so self-conscious when I am tiny like this. Sometimes people mistake me for being a kid, and in some situations, it isnt good.


But I do like being young looking.


Agreed! It sucks sometimes when you're in a rush or just not in the mood. But I have to admit, I love it too! Ive even had people do a double take when i give them my id & they see my DOB!!


I hated it when I was younger but now that I'm pushing 30, I LOVE IT!!!

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I know how you feel! I was joining up at my local library the other day when a staff member came over and said 'oh hold on you have to be 16 to join' I just stood in shock for a second and she asked how old I was and I said 21. She did apologize though and said sorry you have a young face. I was quite upset about it for the next week.


And I agree with the rest of you guys he SHOULD have apologized. He was probably really embarrassed and just ran away. He sounds like a child himself.

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it sounds like he is socially awkward. I guess if you spend all your time around 3rd graders, there is a chance you can turn into one of them!


I guess you could have said back to him, "hey - I am a student teacher from xxxx school." maybe that would have shut him up.


I'm sorry ren. he sounds like a jerk that didn't know what to do.

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Actually he IS a teacher. He is the third grade teacher. I dont know all the teachers in the school because I am only there twice a week and I am only there for a few hours. This guy never really spends time in the faculty lounge, so I have only seen him in passing a few times. So, he doesnt know me, I dont think.


His not apologizing to me really bugs me though. It is as though he DOESNT respect me.

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Good point Foxlocke - about blatant disrepect vs honest mistakes.


Whilst I would LOVE to mistaken for a child, I don't think you look like a kindergartner NOR do I think you're even their same height. He sounds like a pig - don't even give him another thought. Don't waste your precious thought power thinking or talking about him for 1 more minute.

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Hey everybody,


Noone can prevent this ackward moments from happening. Is not about how you look, is just there'll always be someone somewhere ready to say something annoying about you.


If is not about looking young, is about looking old, too serious, too fat, too short, too tall, too thin, too bald, too gay, too boxy, too spicy, too latina, too mexican, too chinese... It never ends really.


Any kind of look is free from comments from people around. Everybody's got something to say. Which is pretty lame, but anyone's butt is safe from this labels...


So you can either get angry and fight and take it really serioulsy and personal or you can just let go and get over yourself.


I've found the second one is better.


As it is said... is not about the comments you get, is about what you do with them and about how much you let them affect you.

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that was really rude of him! people always think i'm younger, and it bothers me. i'm going to be 18 in about a month, but people have told me i look as young as 12. 12 YEARS OLD! that's a 6 year age gap there! i just like to think that when i'm 35 i'll really look 29, while everyone else starts getting wrinkles and looking elderly

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I have a friend who is 30 and been a pharmacist for 8 years. She looks very young, just because she is fair skinned and wears her hair in a pony tail. She still gets people coming up to the pharmacy counter and looking around and saying, "Can I speak to the pharmacist please?" when she tells them that she is the pharmacicst some of them still have the nerve to say, "Can I speak to someone in charge?"


People are naive. Don't let that butt-hole get to you. Take pity on his stupidity. Personally, I get the opposite and its really starting to bug me. I am 21. The other day a guy at work thought I was about 32! I was like WHAT? and the other ppl around me said no way, 28 tops. STILL WAY OFF!


But I have been TOLD that its the way I carry myself, so its supposed to be a good thing. It's not like I have wrinkles and yellow teeth. But I NEVER even get ID'd anymore. Rennesance woman, it sounds like this is something that happens from time to time. Maybe you could work on your self esteem so you present yourself with more confidence? Just a thought, I could be way off.

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