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A few years ago, I was experiencing what many visiting this forum are going through, I was depressed, shocked, and felt hopless after I got "dumped", (4 year relationship) enotalone helped a lot, I shared some advice with people and received a lot, it helped me get through those dark times.


During the last few years I tried dating and all that, but whether it was bad luck, bad choices or I wasnt ready yet, maybe all the above they didnt pan out.


But as fate would have it, I received a hello call from a female friend and ex work companion. and to make a long story short, we got married 2 months ago, since we already knew each other, and always had great chemestry in the past it was smooth sailing after finding out we were both single.


anyway the point of this post is, dont give up hope, i know the dark place that some of you are at, but these experiences happen for a reason. I have learned and grew a lot from that phase in my life, and if things didnt happen the way they did I wouldnt be in my happy relationship now.

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