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Living good is the best revenge

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I just thought I'd start a "fun" thread on this Friday morning. I was thinking the other day as I looked at my 2 tattoos, "Man, Ed (my ex husband) would have flipped if I got these when we were together!" I had always wanted a tattoo, but was "not allowed". My first one was my "badge of freedom".


That got me thinking, how many other changes in my life would he have resented? He had always tried his hardest to make sure I had no self-esteem and my "life" was taking care of him and the household. Since I left him, I have regained my self-confidence and I have a rich and fulfilling social life.


What about your life now would make your ex take a step back and gasp?


Mine: my two tattoos

my amazing self-confidence

my new circle of friends

me in a healthy, loving relationship

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Had I stayed in any of the 3 serious relationships I got out of,

I'd still be in a hilljack small town! I'd still be driving 2.5 hours a day to get to and from work.


I gained the following:

Liberty! And Independence! To make my own well thought out decisions without considering their unthoughtout reasons of staying there.



Time - to share with my children, friends, and family!

The ability to believe that Life is Good and I deserve the best!

Understanding of myself - and why I put myself in those situations in the first place.

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What about your life now would make your ex take a step back and gasp?


- Taking drrrty pictures for a cyber-bf that is twice my age

- Posting in this forum things like "I think I have the subconscient of a lesbian" and basically admitting it.

- Posting in this forum

-Finding out I'm considering getting a 3rd tattoo

- Saying bad words (yeah even infront of guys)

- Working in a male environment

- Working


Damn, how can we get involved with this kind of domineering creeps? Is ridiculous once you look at it from the outside. I still feel ill of thinking I literally wasted nearly 5 years of my life like that.



PS. Great thread Library Chick!

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What about your life now would make your ex take a step back and gasp?


I changed jobs and moved accross the state after 20 years at the same job.


I got married.


I'm in the relationship that my ex said, "sounded good but was impossible in reality." The reality was it was impossible with him.


I bought a house.

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confidence, new found freedom, blahblah blah Tattoos??

whatever...i few year we'll ll be complaintig about the tatoes, freedom and independence... all we will want is to be attached to someone, security, company soulmates... and blah blah blah,

What you re gong thru is a kid in the candy store syndrome. when u have eaten enough candy you be sick of it !!!

Like a few already said, they got maried!!1 back to the same routine but with a better relationship.


Am i sounding negative??

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Kewl Skippy....


Actually my ex knows what I'm about, and we discuss our progress.


She's glad I'm off meds, healthier and enjoying life. I'm riding a moto again, and she now wants one. We were both riders for years.


I'm glad she's recovering from not only ending our marriage, but from a serious medical problem. She's lifting weights again and will be strong enough to work again.


No contest of egos here.


I got a tattoo to celibrate getting past the crap, and she thought it was funny.


Blah blah blah.

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bumped cause I like the title of this.


Living well - well how does this grab you


Off to Orlando, Florida next week for two weeks of sheer fun, laughs and exhilaration


Go to the gym regually.


Getting more successful at work things are beginning to turn a corner


Have new friends and my old friends and have lots of time to spend with them doing some lovely things


The OP I had, the one he dumped me right after worked for my back so even more bendy and flexiable now!!! So somoene else will reep those benefits.

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Hmm very wise words.


While she continues to lurch from one crisis to another, thinking that maybe I was part of the problem instead of solution (got news for ya honey I was ALWAYS part of the solution you couldnt see it) and listened to her "fly by night" friends:


I have managed to reduce my mortgage

Got my black belt

Been promoted at work

Got a much more decent pay rise

Been out socially to stuff you could only dream about and yes it WOULD have included you - but you chose fag hagging and they dont like you any more. Poor bunny.

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