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me and a girl from my school


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so i while back i got a girls screen name that goes to my school from my friend. he used to be friends with her friend but not anymore. so i talked to her a bit and i definitly think she has interest in me. i am very interested in her. so after talking on and off(not much at all) i found out that since school started we both have the same free period at school. i told her if we bumb into each other at schoool we should hang out. she said yeah definitly. so today as i was coming into school i saw her and as we were passing we said hi. thats all that happened for today. but i guess it could go somewhere from here. my question is where do i take it from here? the thing is with the free period she hang out with her friends an im with mine and shes younger then me so my friends arent really friends with her or her friends making hard from thre. so where to go from here?

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Remember being upfront is always hard. Saying "can I call you" is how SOME people do it. Everyone has their own way of approaching the situation. I usually like to wait to see if a girl wants to hang out with me. Usually i wait until she asks about my weekend and I'll say Im not really doing anything, are you free?


Thats how I normally have asked girls out.



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as we were passing we said hi


all clear go fire at will....lol


seriously don't have any thing at the back of your mind, be bold and go ask her out for a coffee.


Don't waste time bro...grab the opportunity when its there. Make the move....girls like that.


Good luck, keep us posted.

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