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The adjectives 'Adventursome' and 'Romantic' mean money to me.....howabout you?


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In the world of dating, when a person seeks someone who is 'Adventursome' or 'Romantic', I find the wealthier a person is, the more adventursome and romantic that person can be. For instance, trying new hobbies, travelling to different places, even cooking new dishes(buying different exotic meats or seafood) takes money. As for being romantic, flowers, walk in parks, having a home cooked meal with candlelights I find get stale and boring. Being romantic involves having a nice meal in a fancy restaurant sometimes, buying some nice jewellry or even booking a nice weekend getaway, which involves again money!


Don't get me wrong, having money is great but the more money any person has, the more likely he/she will be 'Adventurous' or 'Romantic'. Being described as either of the two simply means he/she makes more money than the average Joe. What do you think?

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I hold a different opinion than yours,


But I do respect yours nonetheless,


I find that the best people to date are the poorest or middle class,


I find less of the "I can get a super hot date because woman are gold-diggers),


Forget that, it's a waste of my time,


If they cannot afford to buy you fancy dinners, etc,


Then they can shower you in love,


And in my book that's an A++++, far better than a Bentley car, a $500k/yr income, all which I have dated men who had before,


And I choose the humble man way over the showy one.





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To be honest money is totally irrelevant to whether a person is adventurous, romantic or loving. I dont think at all that rich people are more adventurous if anything th opposite. Romantic well maybe a persons idea of romance invovles money so ther might be an element of truth to that. As for poor people being more loving BS. IF someone showers you with attention (read love) as opposed to money its all for the same thing to impress you. Love doesnt need money, attention etc showered on a person.

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Er, I would not say I associate either of those with having money, not at all!


I think of 'romantic' not as grand gestures, but more about the caring and compassion....the little things. For example, my boyfriend will always make sure that I have a towel waiting for me when I step out of the shower as I tend to forget to look beforehand! Or he will put the kettle on for me while I am stretching after my morning run so I won't be late or miss breakfast. To me grand gestures are worthless when you don't have those little things. They can seem hollow when it seems overdone and not from the heart.


I see a sense of adventure more about trying new things, being outdoorsy and willing to take a bit of weighed risk, but also just about being outgoing and having fun together. It's also about having personality and individuality. My adventures with my boyfriend are more along the lines of a tent, a canoe and a whole lot of bugs and wildlife! The most elaborate we have done was take a road trip for a week of mountain biking! We managed to do it very cheaply too, camping, making our own food, and so on. And trying new things does not have to be expensive, even trying to make new foods can be cheaper than making the same old standby's if you are smart about it!


When I met him he was renting a room in a house, driving an small, rusty and "primitive" '88 Sprint, paying off student loan debts and so on. Our first date we split the bill! And he still swept me off my feet..... .


Everyone's idea of 'romantic' and adventurous is very different, so I would not say it is safe to assume they really mean "I want someone with money".

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raykay - i am still waiting for you to send me one of your boyfriend's single brothers! I will pay for all shipping and handling charges!


and i also don't think that adventerous or romantic or money go together necessarily. yes, it can help to do adventerous things like traveling if you have money, but there are many adventerous people out there who do exciting things, they are just more creative about financing, or they find the money to do the things they love. hiking and camping don't require a lot of money at all, and they can be very adventurous things!


as for romance... like raykay said, it's not about buying things - it's about doing sweet things that say "I care." like picking up soup when your loved on is sick, "I'm thinking of you" notes, a backrub... plenty of things are romantic without requiring a lot of money.


When I say I want an adventerous man, I'm saying that I'd like a man with a 'get up and go' attitude, as opposed to a couch potato. someone who would want to go outdoors, explore new interests during their weekends, as opposed to eating chips on the couch.


When i say I want a romantic man, i mean someone that will remember my birthday and do sweet things for me. An example straight from "The Rules" - a computer is a very expensive gift, but it is not romantic. It is a gift a man would give his sister. A handwritten poem that didn't cost anything, is romantic.


I went to an arts and crafts store a few weeks ago. i saw a student there making a bracelet from the beads and charms there himself, most likely for his gf. He was making her a charm bracelet. I just thought that was so romantic. it didn't look like he had the money for some expensive bracelet from Macy's or a big jewlery store, but he created something with his own hands and time, and I just couldn't think of a more romantic and personalized gift.

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I am working on it!


Actually looking back at the most memorable moments I have shared with my boyfriend, none of them involved money.


I remember the week I was extremely ill (complete with ER visits!) and he stayed home with me, nursing me, grabbing a bowl for me to throw up in (and even cleaning that up!), running to pharmacy to ask them about best pain meds for me, taking me to ER at 2:00 am and sitting with me all night. Another was after my mum was diagnosed with cancer and he just sat and held me for hours as I cried my little eyes out. The time I told him I really wanted to back to school and his answer was "let's make this work" rather than "we can't afford that!". The times he just looks over at me in the mornings and says "you are beautiful". The day he said after a teary disagreement on both our parts that he knew he wanted to be with me for life. The way he always takes an eyelash that falls on my cheek and makes the same wish everytime to be the best he can for us, for me.


Damn, now I feel all loving and he is not back until tomorrow night!

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