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So, no, I don't have a full on mustache, but the hairs above my upper lip stand out pretty significantly now in pictures and when i look in the mirror.


i know women shave or wax to remove the hairs, but i want to know how i can remove the hair without having it grow back thick or anything that would make it worse...so what do you ladies do?

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If you have pale skin like I do and they are not too long, thick etc. you can easily bleach them. You can get face creams for bleaching. I use Lycia (it's italian and I have no idea can you buy it in your country). Sometimes you need to do it twice, but you need to have at least 24 hours in between. Also made alergy check on the little part of your skin (hand).


Aso you can wax it (for first time I suggest going to a cosmetic salon) especcialy if your skin is not too light. The reson is because if you have dark skin and you bleach tem, well it will be even esier to spot them.


You can try bleaching and after that if you're not content, if they are still too visible consider waxing.

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I've been using this stuff for about 10 years. Just about any drug store should have these: link removed


This is good for touch up between waxing....unless you enjoy using tweezers. If you buy one, don't buy it online through Igia's site, use one of their 800 numbers to place your order with a living, breathing person. I had a boatload of trouble with their online ordering system (although, it was quite some time ago and perhaps they've fixed their online ordering system by now). link removed

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I've been using this stuff for about 10 years. Just about any drug store should have these: link removed



Oh, a couple things I thought of if you decide to try these:


1. You'll probably need to use them a couple times to get the hang of it. Best results are obtained by pressing the strips down very firmly in the direction of hair growth and then ripping them off quickly against the direction of hair growth.


2. (the penny-pinching tip of the day) They include some bigger strips for bikini waxing and chin waxing in some versions of the package. If you're not going to use the bigger strips for that purpose, you can just cut them down to size with some scissors for use on your upper lip.

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Ok the easiest thing is just get a pair of cosmetic scissors - the really small sharp kind. My upper lip has hair but even though I have dark hair I don't have a lot on my lip. I've always just used the small scissors to trim the hairs when they get a bit long...you can trim them up pretty close. I've used an upper lip cream a few times from Nair...it works well but it can burn and cause redness so you'd have to do it at night time and not go anywhere afterward.

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The hair on my upper lip is not much but noticeable so I wax. I use a honey wax that can be bought in the store. I forget the name cuz mom buys it, but its really good. When you wax be careful you don't get any wax on your lips, I did and was really painful and it took four weeks to heal. And remember to put baby powder on the area you are going to be waxing so no skin comes off. Hope this helps.

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lol I have the same problem I used to use bleach but it ended up lightening my skin as well so it looked kinda funny. Then I started using this hair removal cream from Sally Hanson and it works pretty well. The problem is that it leaves your skin really dry and irritated afterwards so make sure your skin is not too sensitive to the cream. I'm just too much of a chicken to try out waxing!!

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I think bleach or wax works the best. Though all the wax kits I have tried for my legs have never worked.




Like 2smart says, practice is a factor.


Some kits really don't work at all for me. Now for my legs I use wax that hardens and can be pulled off without strips - I find it's a lot more skin-friendly. Veet makes it, but doesn't market this particular type in the country where I live. Grrr!


To the OP - try to find a good cosmetologist and see what s/he recommends.

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This stuff link removed isn't separate wax and cloth or paper strips.


It's more like tape in that one side is sticky and the other side isn't. It comes prepackaged with 2 pieces of celophane sticky side together and you just peel them apart and off you go.


There's no fussing with applying wax and trying to figure out how much to apply, then putting the strips over it. Just peel the 2 pieces of celophane apart, stick 'em to the appropriate area, press down, rip 'em off & pitch 'em. The box includes a little bottle of oil to remove any stickiness remaining on your skin afterwards.

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