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I met someone online on another forum a while ago and we hit it off, very low key but fun. We were planning to possibly meet IRL for the holidays because he was thinking about visiting a friend in the area, but he decided not to come because he said it's a long drive. I wonder if I'm being blown off. I don't know whether to continue to keep up my online banter with him or not, or just keep moving on.

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since the basis of your meeting in real life was predicated upon him coming to see his friend, how can you qualify his not be able to see you, because his ultimate reason fell through, as a notion that you are being blown off...

seeing you was a by-product of his main motive...you were never the main motive...so you can't be blown off...


if you hit it off, you shouldn't squash the rapport you have with eachother...keep it up and then one day he may say, " i am coming to see you and you only"

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Is it just the drive or is he busy with other holiday activities and thus may be to tired or stressed to really be up for visiting you? Also how long is the drive? Is it a reasonable distance or would it be going a long ways?


Do you still feel a connection to him? If so, I would at least give him one more chance.

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