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best ways to try and get back together

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I dont know if we can but we both want to try and fix our marriage if we can... She fell out of love.. well we both started but i fell back, and she didnt.. she wants space to try and fix things... how can i let her kno i am still there and show her the things she fell inlove with in the first place.....

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Be supportive in her decision and this time apart. But that doesn't mean you have to sit back. Do small gestures: flowers, personalized notes...once in a while to let her know how much you love her. TRy to woo her again so to speak. Treat her the way you did when you first both fell in love. Bring back the magic.

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If you want her back, you really need to realize that it is all about how she feels, her emotions. You need to address her emotions to get her back. In theory, we fall for people that give us what we need or want emotionally, emotional fulfillment. They make us feel special, etc. But they also need to do this while seeming to be independent, aloof, not needy or clingy.


So, do something for her that she wants, but says little about your emotions. Flowers, NO WAY. Doing her a favor, running accross town to pick up something ono an errand and acting as if it is no big deal, YES. Show her you care about her and her welfare, but don't expect anything in return. In a sense, show her you love her and don't ask for her love in return.

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Beec is right...


The minute the words "I LOVE YOU" or anything sappy tumble from your mouth ..she will run for the hills... SHOW her. Speaking the words..whether you mean to or not..will imply you expect HER to reciprocate, and thats just pressure.

I would advise against doing anything for her without FIRST asking her if she

wants anything. She may feel guilty if you just DO things for her...and thats NOT a reason you want someone to be with you either. So ASK if she needs/wants anything and let her be part of that decision. Now IF you end up with her....you can jjust DO things for her. Then it's considered romatic

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good words from beec,


I am in a similar position and the more I read the more I feel that all you can do is BE THERE, but not in the face just as support- even if that means you have stay away to give space.

And be prepared to not win her back, because otherwise you could explode in anger.


best of luck and wish you well.

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