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Ex-girlfriend's former best friend


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Well here it goes. Years back when I was in high school I dated this girl for a little more than a year and a half. We broke up because our feelings for each other faded away. I have not seen her in years, although I do talk to her on AIM once in a blue moon. Anyhow, I would see her friends around every so often and would greet them and what not but one of her friends has always stuck out to me. This was her best friend. Her best friend and I would have conversations online that would last for hours. I was there for her when she needed someone to talk to in times of need. Since me and her friend broke up, we have not seen each other although he have crossed paths at school every once in a while. But we always talked online. Then for about a year all communication stopped. Then recently I learned that she had been at my house with a some guy who plays guitar with my brother (theyre just friends). She had asked for me, but I was not home. It was then that she revealed that my ex would discuss personal things about our love life with her and that she interested in seeing what my ex told her about (trying to keep this clean). Now this girl has said that she thought I was attractive and acts somewhat flirty when I did run into her ( giggly, touchy, eye contact). Well anyhow I found her number in an old phonebook and decided to text her. She called me back and we sort of caught up.We were happy to hear from each other again and she told me she was no longer friends with my ex. We agreed to meet up sometime and hang out. We exchanged numbers and she called me a few days later wanting to come to my house and visit me. When she got to my house we did some catching up. Talked about the days when we were younger and in highschool, times we have partied, and discussing how crazy it was how time flies and that we go way back. All the while I noticed her being touchy with me (patting me, playing with my goatee, etc.) and we looked into each others eyes alot and smiled. Now I dont now how this girl feels about me but im started to become attracted to her. I know neither of us no longer talk to my ex but is this wrong? Is it wrong to spend time with her? Is it wrong that I want to pursue her? Is this girl interested in me? Would it be wrong to try and pursue something with her? As this girl begins to text me and call me more and more all these questions are looming over my head. WHat should I do? Thanks in advance.

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