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About what age do girls want to get married?

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it just depend on a prson for me i would want to get married when i have a good job and a secure life that is when i want to get married. not when i am still in college and still swimming through the money issue. and of course i have to be with the person that i think is right for me.

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That will depend a lot on the girl and her goals as well.


Lots will "want" to get married young, but often they are truly unprepared for the realities of marriage at that time...they see it as a lifelong honeymoon.


The flip side is as you get older, you also can become more independent and less inclined to marry (there was a study actually just completed about this).


I think ideally the best time to get married is when it feels right and you and your partner have communicated on your goals/values for marriage and ensured you have a healthy relationship with proper conflict resolution, a discussion of all the "practicalities" of marriage (finances) and made sure you have the same/similar goals (ie children, work, where to live). Generally I think people only start realizing these "practicalities" when they are a little older, but not always.


And I think when it is right...it is right. When both partners feel that it is right and as I said are prepared. For me, I am ready now...I thought I was ready before, but looking back I can see I would of not been prepared. I have a better idea of who I am, how committed I am to a relationship, what my needs/desires are, and better relationship skills. And I met the absolute right person for me as well whom shares my goals, values and commitment to one another and the relationship.

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I want to get married 19-21 somewhere in there would be ideal, that is if the guy wasn't humbrum and he liked to go have fun if he was kinda lets just sit at home then not until I was like 28 or 30 lol.


I don't want to start a family until I am at least 25 or 26 though, just me and my husband.


well everyone has different wants in that area though. My friend got married when she was 16.

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It isn't about age, it's about finding the right person. People want to get married at every age, but the right circumstances have to happen. Each age is going to bring challenges. When you are young you are still growing as a person and finding what you want to do with your life. You might not be ready to handle everything that comes with a marriage. When you leave college you have the adjustment to making it own your own, working for a living. The older you get the more independent you are or the more you get wrapped up in your work. But when you find the right person you will be able to sort through those issues and it will be time. There will be problems, but you will hopefully be able to handle it.

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Well my plan was to marry around age 26 and have kids around ages 28-32. I personally think late twenties to early thirties is a good age range for most. Not too young and not old. Once you get older you get more set in your ways and less likely to adjust to anothers nuiances. Life had other plans for me. But I still think that's a good range.

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It depends a lot of how a girl was raised.... socially, religiously, etc. I have lived in a few different places...


In the mid-west... girls get married younger, have more children starting at a younger age. When I was married at 22 (currently divorced), most of my friends were already married, 2 had children, 2 more were pregnent.


East coast, it's the total opposite. People wait until much later in life... into mid-30s or so. Telling people that I was 25 and divorced was insane. I occasionally lied and said I'd never been married, as the stigma was enough that people would look at me like some sort of pariah.


I'm sure I'll marry again, but will wait a few more years.... late 20s would be good for me.

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