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He made me angry and upset, and now hasn't spoken to me in two days, should I reach out?

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This is very much like an addiction.  Much like abstaining from alcohol or drugs, the withdrawal gets much worse before it gets better.  You feel the tension and anxiety building and run back into the fire to relieve the discomfort.  The problem being, you are running into the fire.

If you were to look at it this way and anticipate that you will indeed feel awful, you can rest assured that at the other end of this will be some peace.  From what you've shared, it would be well worth it.  

Let go of this dysfunctional, miserable relationship.  It is a waste of your best years.  Spend some time single, surround yourself people that support you and bring out the best in you. . . and heal.  

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You are young, you have plenty of time to straighten yourself out, maybe get some counselling in, learn some proper coping skills, spend time with yourself....a little self improvement will go a long way. Refresh, restart your life, go forward. Please leave the trash (him) behind.

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