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I don't think I want to get divorced, but it seems like the only solution

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my wife wants to divorce me, because she is no longer in love with me, she says she still loves me but she is no longer in love with me.

what can I do to get her to fall back in love with me? OR is it just best we go our separate ways. What should I do???

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3 hours ago, davidoba said:

she says she still loves me but she is no longer in love with me

That's a tough one. If she said this, then this means she's been feeling this way for a good while.

I think, unfortunately, it's best to go in separate ways. I'm sorry.

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Here is an off the wall question - have you asked her?  I would ask her what has brought her to this point?  Is it permanently broken or something she is willing to work to retrieve with you? Is she feeling this way and started to look elsewhere already?

I think these are all questions for discussion with her.

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Once I told my husband I wanted a divorce I had already made up my mind. There was no turning back.

However, some people pull the "I want a divorce" card to try to shock their spouse into making a drastic effort to "prove" their love and fight for them. Or they use threats of divorce as punishment for doing something they don't like or as leverage in an argument.

Without more details it's hard to know where your wife stands.

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NOTHING you can do or say can make someone love you, fall in love with you or fall "back in love" with you. 

Most women once they say they D word, there's no turning back and it really doesn't matter what you "do" at this point. 

Can I ask why you want to stay with someone who isn't in love with you? 

People don't like to hear this, but sometimes divorce IS the only solution.   Even if you don't want to get divorced, your wife isn't going to be happy if she feels forced to stay with you and isn't in love with you.  How would you feel staying married knowing your wife's heart isn't in it?   Would you really feel happy watching her just go thru the motions? 

Details would help, but I would advise you to prepare for divorce. 


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