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Hey guys!, your fav girl is back with another bf problem (but I need your help please 🥺)

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1 hour ago, Newgirlforever said:

Like.. He's not possessive about where I go or who I talk to or what I wear or force me to share my social media accounts and verbally insult me... I've been in relationships where things like this would happen. My exes were toxic.. And he's nothing like that. Just stingy which is also bothering me. But should this be a deal breaker?? 

Yes, add this to your list of deal breakers.

I asked you what does he DO for you that makes him a great partner and you didn't actually answer. Your answer is basically he doesn't abuse you as badly as previous men. That does not make him a good bf, let alone a potential life partner.

Also, you are LDR so you have no idea what he might be like should you live together or get married. Stingy is just tip of the iceberg and by the way, that is a form of control. It's just one you haven't encountered before. Consider this - you are married, you need a new dress - stingy man doesn't think you need new clothes, make do. You don't need this or that, make do. In fact, don't go out because that costs money. Stay home. Cook. He has all control of all money and so he has absolute control over you and what you can and cannot do. He doesn't even have to tell you that you can't go somewhere, you just don't have the money to. Same thing, just more subtle.

OP, what's going on in your life that your standards and basic expectations are so low?

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Well like I always say, date those who treat you the way you want to be treated. Pretty much the majority of men I dated, bought me flowers, took me out for nice dinners, bought gifts, cards, etc. without me even hinting/asking. Your guy is uncommon, so your search won't be that difficult to get a guy that treats you the way you want to be treated. IMO you are settling, not going for what you deserve.

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6 hours ago, Wiseman2 said:

So he let you stick your neck out, take all the risks, put yourself in potential danger and let you pay for all that, except the hotel where he wanted sex on the first meet?

This is not about cheap, this is about a man who simply does not care. Stop taking foolish risks on unreliable men who do not respect you or care about your safety, happiness etc.

Comparing him absolute toxic ex monsters does not make him a good person.

 You need to end this not because of chocolates but because of distance, overall apathy and poor treatment.

I second this post in its entirety. Totally nailed it.

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