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Found 4 results

  1. My husband and I have been in a relashionship for 12 years. For a while now our sex life as been unfulfilling. The problem lies in the differences in our libido and preferences. I'm much more physical than he is, even in the most mundane aspects of our daily lifes. I like longer hugs, deeper kisses and a lot more touching than he does. Luckily, we could find some compromise and live happy and generally peaceful lives. However, when it comes to sex, our needs are too discrepant. I love having sex and if it were up to me, we would have it every day. Although he likes sex, he feels it's quite tiring and doesn't want/need it as often. He feels comfortable having sex once a week (or less). I'm okay with having less sex than I need as long as there's a way to make up for it with intimacy. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, he's the only person I can have physical contact with and it's just not enough. I try masturbating more often but it doesn't seem to help. I tried discussing it with him, but it feels like I'm walking on eggshells (I'm afraid of pressuring him and only making it worse). Another aspect that's been bothering me it's the quality of our sex life. He's very tradicional when it comes to sex and doesn't enjoy trying new things. On the other hand, I'd love to try new things, such as tantric sex, using toys, roleplaying, BDSM, etc. It's very difficult to reach an agreement and we end up doing the same thing over and over again. It pains me that I'm hardly making love anymore but just satisfying a basic need and using the one I love most in the world to do it. Could do please help me? I don't know how to improve this aspect of our lives and really need some advice. (By the way, none of us is cheating and spliting up is out of the question. I treasure our relationship and the warm, trustfull and happy home we build.)
  2. I'll put the TLDR at the top just to spare anyone who doesn't want to scroll through my ranting and raving (don't worry, I would too). In short: I'm in love with my best friend and he has a girlfriend. They seem really happy. But I've had multiple dreams about us together, fantasised about futures, written letters of confession that I've been too nervous to ever send, the whole number. Multiple days where I swear to myself that today is the day, that I'm going to tell him, and I never do. He lives in Australia and I live in the US, so if we do eventually have a spark it'll be online anyway. I keep finding more hints that he feels the same. Worst of all, I'm falling. Hard. Do I tell him or try to wait until it passes? In long: We've only really known each other since October, but we hit it off really fast. We would (and still do) chat online day and night, and in the first couple weeks he told me about this girl he liked because he didn't really know who else to talk to. I didn't think much of it, I told him I was happy for him and moved on. Now, when he came into my life I was at a really low point. I was nearing the end of a very toxic relationship that I'd finally get out of in early November, but when we met I was still blinded, I still thought I was in love with my soon-to-be ex. And then, in Mid-Nov, while me and him got closer all the time, I had a dream. I don't really believe dreams have prophetic meanings but I do think they can express your desires, and this one was VERY vivid. Like- to the point where I woke up, said good morning to him, and had to scroll up in our message history to see if what happened in the dream had actual happened or if it was just that, a dream. In the dream, he'd confessed he had feelings for me and I was surprised, but reciprocated. That's mostly how I felt then - just so surprised. I went through a period of denial, of course "I can't like him, why would I like him? He has a girlfriend. I just got out of a terrible relationship, and I'm desperate for something new. This'll blow over." Then it became rationalising, "He lives on the other side of the globe. Maybe you like him, but you'll never be able to have a future with him even if anything happens." To desperation. Making playlists, fantasising about what we could do, to crying over the whole situation, and to googling for advice and not being happy with any of it. It was too one-sided. There were the people saying just to go for it, and then there were the people saying to just not say anything and that you were a selfish a-hole if you said a word. I know it's early, and I know I sound naive. But I seriously think he might be the one. I've never clicked with somebody quite like I have him before, all of my relationships seemed deflated. I never showed the most energy from the start, it was rushing into it first, feelings later. And I've gotten hints that he feels the same way, too. Here's the thing, though. My brain needs to be told outright, a yes or a no, or it'll get so excited over the maybe that it just won't stop. On the other hand though, if I tell him and I do get a no, I'm afraid our friendship will just be awkward and I don't want things to change in that respect whatsoever. He's my best friend, after all. What do I do?
  3. Well i was on a dating website and i met this guy and we started talking more and more to the point were every night before bed we would spend an hour or so talking to each other i started getting feeling for him he made me happy i mean very happy i was smiling and laughing (Im not use to doing) and yesterday we were talking before bed and he asked if i had plans for tomorrow (Aka today) i said "Sadly yes i was invited to a party i would have rather asked someone on a date then be somewhere were i would feel out of place" he reply with "Oh who were you going to ask on a date?" i said "I-i was going to ask you on a date.." he said "I would've said yes if you asked me it made me smile reading that" i said "Im glad i made you smile i would have asked on a date sooner but i thought you would say no to me so i didnt ask you we can go on a date when you have a day off from work tho :)" i left for the party and got back all happy to be able to talk to him and he never replied i thought he might still be at work so i waited a few more hours and still nothing.....he makes feel beautiful and special i seen him online even still with no answer it hurt to where my eyes filled with tears i dont know what to do..
  4. So me and this guy have been Friends for over a year now and during that year we have developed feelings for each other however we both live in separate countries and due to covid We have not been able to see each other for a year now. But we do discuss with each other the persons who we are dating and give advice to each other. however our friendship begin to get deeper on and we develops feelings for each other however we never discussed moving forward with it but we knew it. How ever recently it's been this girl that he is travelling to see He told me that they went on a trip and The trip went really well however this is the 1st time out of all of the girls that hes told me about that he actually wanted to spend more time at all. Then he told me that he had to go into the city where she lives for work so while he was there he began to have to " phone issues" and I barely heard from him for about 2 weeks and I became upset and brought it up to him I explained to him that I've been in this position before a person hurt me like this and I don't want to happen again. (A situation where as I was basically friend zoned) Then he stated that he wouldn't do that to me he loves me. But now he told me that he was in a city doing work and I found out by looking at the girls Instagram(in the beginning he showed me her on IG) that they were together when I confronted him about lying to me I blocked him. Then he got into contact with me via Facebook and he explained that he don't question me about what you doing(with other guys) and how it was wrong for me to stalk her page. He did apologize for lying but he felt like he had to exclude details to avoid reacting how I did. At the end of the day I want to be with him however I feel as though I messed up our friendship I ask him if he sees relationship with us and he said he did but right now Im acting weird. I don't wanna lose him as a friend and I do what I so take for us to get pass this. But how can we get pass this? What can I do to fix the situation?
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