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I was on the phone with my husband joking about exercising at the house and not doing it and this was our convo

Him:you gone have to do something because I don’t wanna hear u complain when u don’t

Me: well what if I’m happy with a small ass u will still love me

Him: .................

Me: so... no comment

Him: nope

Me: ok ima call u back

Him: ok

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I think it's normal because you were on the phone and even if you were "joking" he may not have taken it that way. Then you baited him with the silly "will you still love me if" question. And it sounds like you were texting which is worse as far as misunderstanding.


Why would you ask him that -is that a typical inside joke you have -if so, cool but it sounds like it wasn't. He didn't want to play your game. I also understand the underlying issue of having to change up your exercise routine right now -I've had to and my husband has had to in a different way. We try to support each other in these new routines. Our exercising doesn't have to do with looking a certain way for each other and at the same time, privately, I love looking/feeling fit as part of our romantic relationship. It helps me get more in the mood because I feel positive about my body.

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The pressure from the coronavirus has a lot of people on edge right now. I know I've had more arguments with my husband and attribute it to that stress. If your relationship is normally satisfying the majority of the time, let it go. If you have a lot of issues normally, buy a book on couples communication and take turns reading it aloud to each other, a chapter per day.

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