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I like an older boy


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The place where I work has a variety of age ranges, so it is hard to tell how old someone is. Some people are just barely old enough to work and some people are long retired, looking for something to do in their spare time. There is this boy that caught my eye when I started working there. He is funny, smart, confident, nice, (and very handsome). The only issue is that I found out recently he is four years older than I am. I didn't know how old he was when I developed my crush, but now that I do I'm not sure if it's such a good idea. Is four years a big age gap? Should I pursue something, or just let it go?


Any thoughts?

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Four years is not a very big age gap, but the younger you two are, the bigger the effect of the age gap. For example, say you're 48 and he's 52. Four years probably won't make that big a difference. But if you're 18 and he's 22, there could a huge difference in your maturity levels, life experiences and immediate goals in life.


For instance, if you're 18, you may be choosing a college while your crush who's 22 might be choosing which company to work for. This isn't to say it can't work, but it's just something to keep in mind.

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Agree with others. Also if you are 16 and he is 20 that's a different story than 26 and 30.


Most of us have been in your shoes, I remember being 17 and adoring this 26-year-old. In hindsight that was really dumb and I'm really lucky he didn't take advantage of my infatuation or do anything to encourage it!

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