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  1. You might enjoy watching some episodes of "Rick Steves' Europe."
  2. I'm a worrier too. But one trick I use is to ask if worrying actually makes a difference. If it does, then worry away and use that anxiety to take proactive steps to reduce the chances of something bad happening in that context. If it doesn't make a difference, stop worrying about that particular thing. Baz Luhrmann is correct: the vast majority of things that really deserve worrying are the kind of things that blindside you on an idle Tuesday afternoon.
  3. Because it requires far more time, money and education to become a dentist?
  4. When they're done complaining, I say either: 1."Are you done yet?" 2. "That's not a solution."
  5. That's certainly a more interesting theory than mine: English isn't the OP's first language.
  6. What does that mean, "feel the set?"
  7. Why won't he live in a city? He doesn't want you to be the primary earner in your household?
  8. Sounds like he needs to either suck it up and deal his miserable jobs and find a way out of it (education, training, etc.). Is there any chance he can change careers?
  9. Well, that's one way to have fun while dating. I guess scammers believe dating sites have easy targets. I'm glad you're able to disappoint them.
  10. This is the biggest reason I hear about, even from car salespeople, about why leasing is a good idea. And if safety features are important to you, then getting the most state-of-the-art in airbag, collision avoidance or camera technology could make leasing worth it, for peace of mind, if nothing else.
  11. I'm wondering OP, if it's there's some "checklist" criteria you're not meeting, such as with your family, educational or professional background. I agree with most others here in that it's probably a chemistry though, but maybe not? Just something to think about, perhaps.
  12. Don't lease, especially given the miles you'll be driving.
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